Quick Tail Mod .. easy .. now it tailstands .

OK Boaz does his first ever mod ...A light I bought almost tailstands but not really .. one of those leaning tower of Pisa lights ...

scratch head , scratch tail... huh ??..

#1 Pull out switch .. unscrew it and take out the rubber booty ..

Scratch head ...stare ..scratch tail...huh ?

#2 find small rubber washer or o ring , drop it in the tail shove rubber booty against it , screw down switch and ...


switch is now 1/16th further into the light and guess what ????

Light now tailstands like it was supposed to ..

crazy ?? yeah .. Crazy like a fox .

... Don't even think about asking me for photos . just do it ..

There's an engineering solution for every problem. I like it!

or do what i do, cut the some of the rubber off the switch cap. if you look at most flashlights rubber button, theres a piece in the middle that touches the switch, if you cut that, sometimes it solves the problem

SOMETIMES. depends on the switch shape lol

yeah I looked pretty hard at the rubber booty itself and tried a couple of things that didn’t work …so the above sounds much simpler than it actually was …I tried grinding down the end of the switch …reassembled it to find out there was now just a greater space between the booty and the switch and it still was leaning because the boot was still in the same position … it wasn’t the end of the actual switch …

I tried changing the shape of the booty by heating and subsequently freezing it , stretching it ,bending it ,cussing at it ,hoping things might change , talking nicely to it ,microwave , ice , freezer a sharp stick and then I used that puzzled look ....that didn't help much either . i can't tell you exactly what the piece was whether it was a plumbing washer or where it came from ......but it's rubbery and roundish and it fit,and it works ..Bingo .. i tried to fix something ... didn't break anything..,or make it worse ... Presto... Now my L2 N-light tailstands .... priceless