Quicky: Yezl vs Courui

Oh, this is just a subjective test: I just went outside to compare the Yezl and the Courui, just subjectively:

Ok, the Courui is way warmer than the Yezl, by lots judging 5000k, draws 2.5/2.6 amps, spot is tighter than the Yezl

Ok, the Yezl is white/cool white judging 6000k, draws 2.5/2.6 amps, shock — floody, spot is large

Both throw well, Courui would be killer at 3.5 amps or so, both lights were worth the money, both built well, Courui came with no battery/ body O-rings, and uses 2.

If you are ok with the fat body setup, the Courui is the way to go. I’ve modded both. Courui is better stock than Y3.