Quiet/silent/no audiable sound/ commercial available switches

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Does anyone knows where to find quiet/silent/no audiable sound/ commercial available switches?

It can be flashlight (reverse-forward) or any other type of regular small on/off switch used in other branches of electronics.

Hope someone knows where to get them :wink:

Your specifically looking for a mechanical clicky that’s silent? I ask cause there are plenty of momentary / electrical / tact switches (aka non-mechanical- the little ones that just send a signal, not interrupt power) that dont make any noise.

And then there are piston drive lights.

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I doesn't have to be classic fw, rev clicky switch. Pressure cable switch is not an option...

"There are plenty of momentary / electrical / tact switches (aka non-mechanical- the little ones that just send a signal, not interrupt power) that don't make any noise."

Please send me a link or two for that kind of switches. It can be "rocker" type of switch also.

What is important that it has on off operation without need to hold something pressed like lets say momentary cable switch.

If you guys have something good to recommend I will buy and try it.

Does this switch that you’re looking for have to use no power when whatever it is that you’re controlling with the switch is “off”?

In other words, what about if you had something non-mechanical, like just breaking through a light path (e.g., with your finger), acting as an input signal to a controller, and the controller controlling, say, something like a FET/electronic switch? That would be completely silent (not even a relay), and the controller could be programmed like a toggle, so you wouldn’t have to hold your finger there.

EDIT: But, the controller would need to have some power all the time (e.g., like “parasitic drain”), since it would be what would be detecting the input signal.

I am not sure I completely understand you but yes this switch should be connected to current load (red wire) and it should have silent on/off action.

There’s always the option of a surefire “momentary” switch, press/hold for momentary, twist tight for constant light.

As I said momentary press is not an option and I don't like twist switch on G2 Nitrolon I have at home.

In fact it does not have to be flashlight switch...

Any type of on/off switch similar to one below that has silent operation:

It’s the latching to stay on part that makes some noise. Drop RMM a line, he may have something. Or Google to see what may work for you?

I tried on google and I can not find any silent switch.

Ok I can ask question this way:

Any kind of silent on/off switch or any hack how to do it...

We are all hacking/tuning flashlights but what about switch?

or some sort of slider, and big wall switches.

As suggested do you have room to make an electronic switch?

I’ve been reading through many post, it looks like the biggest requirements are high current handling (and biggest failure) with load handling mechanical switches.


Slider seems like a nice idea. I am making some hybrid so there is plenty of room. But I prefer small switches(not more than 20mm diameter).

Small rocker switches can take 12V and 25A of current.

I’m still wondering why someone hasn’t developed a soft latching power switch

Activating a FET would allow HUGE amounts of current to be pushed with a teeny tiny push button (that is silent by the way)
Solid state high current latching switch

Isn’t that how some flashlight with a small switch on the side work? Or is that switch controlled by the µcontroller?

Side switches are simply wired to a input leg of the MCU, pressing it grounds that leg.

Ok, so the disadvantage is that the MCU is always powered on, draining the battery? (compared to the EEVBlog solution)

This switch is very silent : http://www.fourleafflashlights.com/vital-gear-info.html
The most silent mechanical switch I have tried. I don’t know how it does under high current though.

was about 200uA on my SRK and considered high. Drains a battery in 2 years…too lazy to do the math atm. So I unscrew barrel to break connection or just remove batteries for long term lay up?