Quote function sometimes loses formatting, sometimes doesn't?

Quoting this post keeps the original formatting: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/23706?page=1#comment-549563

But quote this one, and everything gets combined onto one megaparagraph: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/23706?page=1#comment-549494

Those two are just recent examples, it happens all over the place. The ones that get jumbled convert images into URLs, the ones that are preserved keep the images as images in the quote. Does it work or not work depending on whether the quoted post was made using the simple editor or advanced editor?

Yep. People using simple vs advanced.

Yep. This is it. There’s not really a workaround, unfortunately that’s the price we pay for having two incompatible options.

I use Advanced Post Editor and this is my workaround using max's post.

1. Hightlight what you want to quote with your mouse.

2. Copy.

3. Click on "Quote".

5. Paste.

6. Click on "Save" or "Preview".

That's all!

As proof, I have quoted max's post here:

Easy peasy. :Sp

Highlight the post
Ctrl C (copy)
Then click quote
Click Input selection below the text box
Select advanced
Ctrl V (Paste)

Thanks Raccoon. I had noticed some weird issues with posts too, just not enough to worry about it.

Oh, type what you want to say too.