R/C Monster Trucks etc

So for Christmas one of my kids got a remote control (R/C) monster truck. This was a cheap one from Target. The performance was not very good. After a short while it didn't work right... it would just stop and we had to restart it. Probably related to using Li-ion cells - though the voltage was matched to what Alkalines would be.

So I started researching R/C trucks and found this Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme. Short observations:

It climbs - this is not your ordinary R/C truck

Inexpensive - $30 at Target - what for this can do it's very good

front and rear shocks articulate very well in terrain

soft suspension actually works

soft rubber tires - these help climb rocks

All of these observations can be seen in the YouTube vid (especially see climbing rocks at 3:30 min in vid.)

Sold at: Target (There was not one available in my local Target store... so I clicked on "find in a store" and drove 2 hours to buy one that still had a few in stock.

When I held it in my hands I laughed like a little boy... knowing that I got a good R/C for once.

I think this is an older model that does well too. (eBay) - i think this is the Video of same truck. Another vid

note: I am not an R/C person at all Mine is green

If your using lithium primary cells in the RC car it probably can’t take the over voltage of 1.8v which li primarys are (or simply put an extra battery), it should take 9 volts at maximum with alkaline batts as they are 1.5v maximum but with lithium cells in it, it will be 10.8 volts, so it is probably overloading something. Try it with alkalines or even better use nimh rechargeables as they won’t leak like alkalines will at some point if the RC car doesn’t get used for awhile.

Hmm, my idea of an RC monster truck is this: http://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/5608erevobrushless

I’ll have to admit that monster trucks are the most fun of the different RC types that I’ve played with. The small 1/16th or 1/18th scale cars are okay, but, they’re too small and are pretty flimsy. Bigger is better, but, bigger means that you need a larger place to play. The ideal is about 1/10 scale. Stick with electric. Nitro/gas is fun but is messy and engine tuning is a PITA.