Well it was good while it lasted,about 20 mins in total then superbright for a second then nothing. :_( Not continuous approx 4x5min runs.De domed direct drive pulling over 3amps…

R.I.P, Mr. A60, you'll always be remembered!

Well you could now take it as an opportunity to mod it for extreme output (i.e. resurrect it)! After all, it is the Easter season :) .


Too right i havent anything in mind at the mo :wink: UMM

Xp-g2 on sinkpad….

I have a couple of xre-r2’s?

Hi gords are the r2s basically the same :~ Or a different kettle of fish.

sorry for your loss…. but eager to see the reincarnation!

He speaks the truth!


Use the force!



Wouldnt i need a lot of heat sinking to run the above .Just realized the link is for 20mm,jacobs 16mm

I believe the r2 would fit, I should have the mod boxes out this week so I can check the refkector fits if you wish.

Depends on the driver really. What are you looking at this torch doing?


Yes please do thks



hi marc ,basicallythe same as what it did but maybe a wider spot more ,MORE power,more throw lol

Well the second link i gave you, driven to 2150mA or 1750mA should not get too hot and give you 850ish or 750ish lumens. Good flood, good throw.


If the reflector fits this as well as the r2s i may be tempted to do both to see what they r like.Thanks for info.

You may find the hole in the reflector is too small, but to be honest I know nothing about the A60. Gords has a good idea with the XPG.

Here look at this.


Cheap as chips.


Definitely cheap enough,but 7000k .

No flowers please ,just donations to the flashlight benevolent fund.