R-Pal 18650 Compact Lantern Made in USA


I ran across this on CPF and found it for sale on Amazon. Very compact for the output but also pretty darned expensive. Quite new and it is claimed to be made in the USA. Below is the link to the CPF thread, closed as being a “teaser” thread outside the CPF marketplace. Still of interest and note the Amazon reviews are excellent too. Might be worthwhile for emergencies area lighting if you have a bunch of pack pull 18650 batteries. Note that it is WARM WHITE 3000K output and has 15 brightness settings with memory. High is 300 Lumens and low is 2.3. Size is 42mm x 104mm or 1.6” x 4.1”. That is very similar to the Sunwayman F40A flashlight.


$130 for 300lm !!! How can it be waterproof when LEDs are exposed?

There's a hard to see shield around it.

Very nice -> Incredibly overpriced -> Not buying.

I noticed that CPF thread was unexpectedly shutdown. W/ good reason I’ll bet… :Sp

Made in the USA?

In the parking lot of a Home Depot.

Look at some of the other photos, there is clearly an outer cylinder made of transparent material, and the LEDs are clearly contained inside of it.

Reminds me of these lanterns. Maybe same maker? I don’t know.
CPF marketplace

For that retail price they could have hired a designer, boy this thing is ugly!

Similar styling but different parts molds it looks like to me. Both look kind of like the basic parts came out of the plastic plumbing pipe parts area of Home Depot or Lowes. The CPF one is a LOT lower power though it looks like and if you want or need a medium high output ultra compact lantern I know of nothing comparable, particularly 18650 powered and with warm white output.

Yeah the CPf one was a joule thief model.


Most definitely not the same maker.

Not bad, I would buy it for $20 or maybe even $30. But $130… No way…

Personally I like the minimalist design. But not for what it costs. And it should have some sort of diffuser.