R5-A3 from KD, help!

Hi, I received my Trustfire R5-A3 from KD 1-1.5 months ago. It is my first budgetlight > $5 . I was really impressed with the light output. However there is an issue with light. I think it is shorting somehow: the light flickers, and cuts out. If I mess with the threads on the tail and or top, sometimes I can get it to work again. It's really frustrating. I thought I would be able to fix it, but I took it apart and reassembled it, and still have issues. Should I just contact KD? It's been a little bit of time. Has anybody else had a similar issue? Can anyone suggest a fix?

unscrew the bezel take the glass and reflector out and make sure there is a plastic disc between the bottom of the reflector and the emitter .. like a round 1 inch disc with a hole in the center covering everything except the dome of the emitter . if not ,,,make one .

i'm sure there is a proper material but i've used lots of stuff.. just something non conductive that can handle some heat .

that was my problem .. i played with my light for 5 minutes and poof it was done ..I killed the driver probably .. the emitters probably fine .But it did exactly what you're talking about

Definitely take the bezel off and check for an emitter isolation disc under the reflector like Boaz said, electrical tape can work as well.

I also had a clicky switch go bad on one of my R5-A3s, so that could be a problem as well. You can take the clicky switch apart and soak it in WD40 and it might come back to life. This light has a small undersized clicky the same one as a black cat or tank 703 and it's not really up to the job at hand.

Hi, I'll play with the light and see if I can follow what you guys are saying. Thanks!

Plastic disc was there. I guess its may be the clicky. Seems to work now, but I hope it stays that way. It's really annoying when you have to tinker with the light in the dark. Defiantly some QC issues here.

Did you take the clicky switch apart and clean it out with WD40 they really are the weak link on this light I bought a bag of 5 new ones from KD for 2 bucks they are pretty cheap.

Here is the link 5 new switches for 1.88 with free shipping.


Did not stay working very long :(

Is the battery tube of the light making good contact with the driver? I've had to tweak a couple of my lights (Ultrafire C3 for one) by bending a small circle of thin wire then dropping this between the body and the driver. Screw the battery tube in tight pressing this wire against the outer ring of the driver closing the gap. In some cases, the ring doesn't make good contact, or the anodization insulates the thread contact causing the trouble.