raising flashaholic kids :-) looking for lights

So, I have 4 small kids between 4 and 6 that LOVE playing with my lights, right now they are in a dark room with a flashlight each telling made-up stories and singing and stuff. Plenty of noise! I’m giving them the most simple and safe ones but those are still items I’d rather not have trashed by them. So I’m looking for a light to buy in bulk quantity of 4 to 8 pcs (because God forbid if one of those did not work on arrival or broke afterwards, and they tend to lose stuff).

Key characteristics:

- cheap-ish of course

- realiable (they are rough on gear…)

- simple UI (2 modes would be nice to educate them on saving power which I’m trying to do with water too)

- AA / AAA rechargeable friendly

  • NOT powerful, runtime preferred

I spent much time telling them not to shine their own and others eyes of course.

Thanks in advance my dudes.

The Lumintop EDC01 fits most of your bills. And to boot, you can buy it in several colours other than black, so they’re even more attractive to children and you can tell whose lights they are.

I’ve recently got into flashlights and I have a fleet of Convoy S2+ that the kids use all the time. I’ve flashed modified firmware to drop the output and simplify modes. You can get diffuser caps that make them mini light sabers. Also, one of the coolest things they like is how I’ve swapped in colored emitters on a couple of them. MTN has red and blue in stock, and I have some greens on order too.

I understand wanting to avoid lipos but I’ve told them not to open up the lights and that hasn’t been a problem for them.

Walmart or a hardware store. There are tons of cheap aa/aaa lights that are easy to use and won’t blind anyone.

Maybe the Sofirn C01s?

Maglite Solitaire incandescent lights are great.
My kids love them. I saw they still have them on Amazon for around six dollars .
I think they are only a couple of lumens, and they are almost indestructible.

I got my both my step niece and nephew a Lumintop EDC01 for under 8 bucks each on amazon. they were 6 and 11. I never know what kids are going to actually use but it was cheap enough that I won’t feel bad if they don’t. Solid little light. Not many functions. Comes with a small silicon diffuser I thought they could read or play with in a blanket fort or camping tent.

Also it has a textured lens so I don’t think they would really hurt their eyes if they look straight at it as kids are apt to do.

Also, I bet if you’re not in a hurry, and you reach out to Martin at https://m4dm4x.com/ he can probably find a coupon code for the Lumintop EDC01 on Banggood or something. At one point he had one to bring them to $6.99 and I would probably even get another one at that price. So let me know if you do. :slight_smile:

You can try the Astrolux A01.They are very colorfull. They're bright but not too bright.

Lumintop tool AA V2 with an ikea ladda bat

Jetbeam jet

If you can get these


at amazon.it or wherever, do so. Only 3bux here in the states, take a single AA (will also work with LFP cells but don’t want to fry any with Li-ion), will drain an alkaleak AA like a vampyre, and they’re only on/off with a single side-clicky.

I would stay away from rechargeable lithium cells and go with simple 1 AA alkaline or NiMH cell lights. Around this time of year Lowes and Home Depot carry large packs of AA cells for around 20 cents apiece. I buy one and it lasts me a couple of years. No worries about running lithium cells down to an unsafe level. NiMH eneloops or Ikea cells if you prefer, also safe. Occasionally single AA lights running “Cree XPE” (?) go on sale for cheap on banggood or gearbest.

Banggood has one of these lights available for $2.60 :

Chech out some of these