Random Beam Shots

These were taken on my iPhone. It was misting and I didn’t want to take my good camera out. Not the best conditions but I was dying to see how the 1504 performed with it’s messed up dedomed 3C LED. It is 235 meters to the tree.

UF-1504 (DD with XP-L V6 3C dedomed with Efest 50a 26650 Battery)

UF-1405 (stock) In much need of an upgrade. WAYYYY underpowered stock. I couldn’t even see the tree

Maxtoch M24 (dedomed XM-L2 U2 with stock driver) What can I say, I love this light!

BLF X6 (DD with triple XP-L V6 1A with Samsung 25R pulling right at 9A) Great flooder, no throw

Jacob A60 (4135 driver at 1.4A with a red XP-E2 P3) I really need to up the current to around 2.1A. You can’t tell in the picture but I could see the tree with this light

Nightvision without illumination

Nightvision with illumination (UF-T20 with 4135 driver at 1.4A with Oslon IR on Bergquist pcb)

What tree? j/k :wink: