Rating: Dealextreme.com

I placed an order with DX on January 23rd. They showed it “fulfilled” on the 24th. Hong Kong Post showed it as received from DX on the 29th and “sorting” both at 1016 and 2305 on the 30th. On February 21st it finally shows its first US status. Unbelievable :frowning:

DX has always made me happy in the end, sometimes it takes a while. I can’t say the same for M/F - K/D - and Solarforceflashlight sales.

1st order arrived in less than 3 wks…well packed. Pretty good prices. Very satisfied.

They are becoming worse and worse… They were top couple years ago. But not anymore!

Sorry, DX. I just cancelled my order because I am tired of waiting to see if you will ship it. :frowning:

I NEVER order again in this store, almost 3 months for sent a fake tr-3t6…….


I bought few times at DX.
in general, they are slow.
slow in preparing item, slow in shipment and a little bit slow in responding but always responding in my experience.
as far as I know (maybe right maybe not), they are also generally don’t keep item in stock. so when somebody order, they will grab it from their supplier. I noticed this when they said out of stock after I placed and paid my order. eventually the payment was refunded though. ever since, never order again.
beside some other retailer also provide cheaper price than them although I keep looking from time to time if they have good deal.
so, if customer expecting fast, this is not a recommendation.

They never seem to have much in stock that’s for sure. The last time I ordered from them it ended in a paypal dispute. They just didn’t bother to ship my order.

With all this nonsense with their new unprecedented 50% off sale, their cred has just hit rock bottom for me!

Avoid like the plague!


Latest shopping experience at DX:

Order placed at 4/15/2013.

Supposedly shipped on 4/16/2013 11:59:57 AM

Nothing happened for a month so complained to customer service on 5/15/2013. They say the package was shipped on 4/16/2013 and that I should wait more.

Then more complaints and more stalling from the CS.

Then after around THREE MONTHS (maybe 7/15, I wasn’t home for a few weeks) the package arrives.

Interestingly the postal stamp says (in Chinese) “Guangdong Shenzhen 2013.05.15. Nanshan 10”.

So it seems they shipped the package one month after they supposedly shipped it (and after that it was shipped by sea mail even though the package was stamped with “BY AIR MAIL”)? They didn’t say they shipped a new package on 5/15 either (and I’m sure they didnt ship it then because of the complaint).

Last prder from DX I think…

Today I received an order that I didn’t pay for tracking for, but they sent it tracked anyway. :open_mouth:

As usual with DX there is a delay before dispatch. I placed order on the 5th, shipped on the 12th. Tracking:

20130724, 到达进口互换局, 英国, 英国 Arrived in UK sorting

20130723, 交航, PVG, 英国

20130718, 交航, PVG, 英国 Shanghai Pudong International Airport

20130715, 出口总包直封封发, 深圳国际, 英国 More processing, Shenzhen International

20130715, 出口总包互封开拆, 深圳国际, 英国

20130714, 收寄局收寄, 深圳市国际大宗邮件处理中心, 英国 Processing shipment

In the last 3 years or so; I placed about 10 orders w/ DX.
Most of the time it was one item at a time; a few times
I bought 2/3 items at the same time. Usually it takes a few
weeks from ordering till I get my items; anywhere from 4
to 5 weeks. The products always worked and looked as
described on the website.

DX has always been slow to ship out my orders. I try and break them up into multiple orders now, as one out of stock item and I’m left waiting weeks. I think what bothers me most about DX is simply how long it takes them to ship out my order.

Prices are excellent. For this reason, they are my second choice after Fasttech.

Quality of items is hit and miss. I usually only buy well-reviewed products, so on average I’m getting what I expect.
So far, I’ve had 3 products that were either DOA or soon died after I bought them:

  1. A CR123A light that burned out after 20 minutes of use. I contacted DX support, and received a full refund without being required to ship it back. I of course had to provide proof that the light wasn’t working, but overall the process was relatively painless.
    2, 3) Had a DOA laser, as well as another laser that was very dim. The DOA laser got a full refund, and the dim laser they offered to pay for shipping, or simply let me keep it if I was willing to settle for an approx. 70% refund. I decided to keep it rather than waste their money shipping it back, and later made use of the host. Good deal for me!

Correspondence takes the typical 24 hours. Replying quickly will not get you a quick reply back. You have to wait 24 hours for every response.

So, despite the low quality of some of their items, the fact that they reimbursed me for faulty products keeps me coming back. As long as they make good on their mistakes, I will continue shopping with them. For the prices, I really can’t complain about anything. Even shipping isn’t terrible, usually making it here within 3-4 weeks after order is made.

had 2 orders

one on 21st april 2014 and another on 25th april 2014

all shipped… though I’m still waiting for the package to arrive

I ordered two 16340s on 4/22, shipped out 4/25, and still waiting to receive my order.

I also ordered 4 samsung 18650s from banggoods on 4/26 and waiting for those too.

Maybe batteries take longer to ship and receive. :expressionless:

Update to my orders

The package ordered from 25th april arrived yesterday at 28th may (sudden happiness)

but the other one from 21st… still waiting

I have never ordered from DX. I am considering buying a small order of parts and pieces but the reviews of DX here are so bad I am more than reluctant to be sucked into dealing with their bad customer service. Can I get an update from people who are currently ordering from DX how do you rate their current service? Are there any tricks to improving the odds that I will receive what I ordered quickly? How is the live chat to work with? Can I believe what they say? Can you cancel something that is backordered and get a quick refund? Thanks

Use Aliexpress or ebay.

I regularly do small orders on dx, usually things that are newly listed. It arrives within two weeks usually, it certainly is better than it was three years ago.

Btw, everything I ever ordered at dx eventually arrived.

Well I did it. I placed my first order with DX. No not the DXSoul but with original coke (DX) not the diet version. They had a couple of items that were not available on DXSoul. So now I will track and document the process and see if DX has improved their shipping and delivery process.

zero stars from five…no answers,no replies,no item home,total slow shipment.so i chosed dispute.thanks dx and good bye