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we are very sorry to tell you because of our mistakes that the items on the following orders were sent wrongly to be F2-723. We will send them to you again tomorrow(F1-723).

If you have any other questions, pls don't hesitate to tell us.
Best regards.

about 15 days, I have received.


I received the G704 I ordered on March 26th today. I wasn't expecting it for at least another week since they use HKP. If they can keep this up, I'll definitely be ordering more from them.

The customs declaration says "Electronics" and the knife was shipped in a regular, unpadded envelope. They did however wrap the sturdy cardboard box in an extra layer of bubble wrap, which along with the pouch provided more than adequate protection. The knife itself has some minimal vertical blade play and I haven't really had the time to put it through its paces. But upon cursory examination, I really can't find anything wrong with it other than the clip, which is ridiculously stiff. The action was somewhat rough, but did improve after some minimal adjustment. Lockup is solid and the blade is sharp enough to effortlessly shave hairs off my arm. Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Ordered a 763 which was apparently shipped on 18/3. Still haven't received anything. I'm starting to think that our excellent postal service here has 'lost' (i.e. kept) it.

Anyone else from Australia recieve one recently?

I probably won't do a paypal dispute because they've almost certainly sent it, and it isn't their fault so I shouldn't make them lose money. Now, if only I could boycott our postal system. :(

Someone from Aus got one recently, it was even inspected by customs. They send you some paperwork if customs confiscate it. Sometimes it does take over a month for packages to filter through from Hong Kong or China so all hope is not lost yet.

Well, the knife that I ordered from DB (an Enlan EL-01B) never showed up. But I got a refund through PayPal yesterday, so I am finally happy. After watching several YouTube videos, I think I like knives with axis locks more than flipper knives. So I ordered two large knives with axis locks, an Enlan EL-02A and a Ganzo G704 from DiscoveryBargain. This time I ordered over $20 in merchandise to get free tracking. I hope my order doesn't end up in the Mariana Trench like last time.

My second order need about 50 days (I do not have opened a paypal case, because it enters Germany on the 45 days, than the customs service needs the rest of days.

Vectrex wait more than 50 days, too.


Please remove the "Fast delivery to Europe.(Germany)" on the pros. I don't know why my first order was extremly fast.

My second order of 763's came yesterday. Under two weeks....I'm happy.

I got a couple more packages from DB today. I'm pretty pleased with them so far.

The only minor complaint I have it that you have to actually log in to your account before you order or your order won't show up there (same as KD). If you buy something from DX without logging in and use the same email address to pay for your order, it will still show up. Well, now that I think about it, that's not really a complaint. More like something to be aware of.

The EL-02B is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, btw. I've already ordered half a dozen for myself and to give away as gifts. Either I got lucky or QC seems to be doing their job at DB (or their supplier, that is).

Damn it Oxy Moron!

Now I just had to order one for myself.

Hehe! :-)

You can thank me when the zombie apocalypse comes, my friend. There ain't no such thing as too many knives. :-D

LOL I'm very well prepared now for a zombie apocalypse thanks to all you knife guys. In the last week or so, I went from having 2 knives to having added 25 new ones. Plus there are about 15-20 more on it's way. It's got to be the friggin' alcohol because everytime I get plowed--lights, misc. stuff and a lot of knives lately gets ordered.

43 day's after purchase, still no package, and no emails replied. Opened a PayPal dispute. I can wait for the 50 day's or so(normal shipping?), but would like some insurance.

Myself, I'll stick to my trusty chainsaw. I own less than 5 knives if you don't count the kitchen variety - I have quite a lot of those and you could shave with most of them. Personally, I prefer to stick to a proper razor though I did once shave with a broken botle.

That was a bad idea.

I just finished my dispute process today. During the dispute they offered to re-send the knife if I would pay for registered mail. I just asked for my money back instead. So they agreed to do that eventually, but after 5 days never actually paid me, so with only a couple of days until the dispute timed out, I went ahead and filed a claim. Once I get the money, I will probably order again and hope they do better this time since other people have gotten stuff from them no problem.

I was all excited that Discovery Bargain offered cheap knives with no shipping, but in hindsight they were a poor choice.

Ordered April 14th and my package shipped a week later. I was all excited that the item was on it's way. April 29th comes and now my package is on it's way back! They forgot to address the package before sending it!!!

Label/Receipt Number: RTXX 1234 56H K
Service(s): Registered Mail
Status: Insufficient Address

Your item was returned to the sender on April 29, 2011 because of an incomplete address.

I emailed on April 30th with no reply by May 3rd, sent another email May 3rd, no reply. Started dispute with Paypal to get them to respond.

Finally got a reply to my email sent April 30th on May 5th. They still have no clue...


Thank you for enquiring about the shipment status of your item 20110414012345, we dilivered the item followed the address in web, which is:

First Last
123 Street Address Apt 123
United States

Insufficient Address?

If you have any other questions, pls don't hesitate to tell us. Discoverybargain.com wish you happiness.


They shipped a package with NO CITY, STATE, POSTAL CODE and they are clueless as to why the package was not delivered. STAY AWAY!!!
I am disputing the charges now, but given their general level of incomptence I feel that Paypal may have to step in. So unless you LIKE wasting time with email and disputing charges with Paypal it is best to avoid DB even if they are the "cheapest"

It's normal, that they do not show your city on the shipping address online in your account, but on the package everything is ok. I ordered two times (first ordere was extremly fast, the last not but arrived and my third order is on the way).

Got something, but too late to collect at post office. It seems i did not bribe the today deliverin postman yet. :/

Should be KD 5 2.8 driver and a srm 962 yay!

Recently ordered an Enlan EL-02B and a Sanrenmu MC-962 and they arrived after exactly 2 weeks.
Pretty good packaging and one day response on mail. So I will probably order from them again :)

Once the claim was filed, PayPal gave DB until May 5 to respond to the claim. They never did. Nor did they ever give me the refund they said they would give me. But the beauty of using PayPal is that after that deadline passed, PP ruled in my favor and I instantly received a refund. Any package coming from China can easily get lost, but I'm not impressed by how DB dealt with this case.

I just tried to make a Paypal payment to them and this is the message I got:

This recipient is currently unable to receive money.