Rating: Exduct.com



  • Well established legitimate store
  • Excellent selection of Sanremu, Ganzo, and other knife brands
  • Sales/service rep active on BLF: jackyhu
  • BLF specific discount codes:
    • BLF5off (5% off excluding shipping)

    • BLF7offUS (7% off excluding shipping only within the USA)


  • Higher shipping prices

Thanks for the heads up SB!

i think this is con, FALSE claim :person_facepalming:

Is it my sub-par reception on my cell, or is this site have a annouying delay

Hi, are you referring to the false lumen output claim? If so, I can add that to the negatives for this store.

Here’s a good one … I won in the #9 raffle and Exduct and jackyhu fell off the planet for about 5 months …when he showed up on BLF again I pmed him and nothing got done he just disappeared again .i wrote him on his site and never heard back …Again for the second time I’m very excited to see him back again . with one caveat…“where the hell is my knife ” ?

I haven't ordered from Exduct in a long time.

When I did, their shipping fees were pretty high.

Updated the negatives. Anything else?

Hi, everyone, thanks for your attention.

The flashlight is not in my main business, honestly, I don’t very clear about the calculation of the lumen, but just according to the description from the factory, I do not have a way how to actually measure the lumens. I know that it is bright already than normal flashlight, I was choose the CREE XM-L2 U3. I know it is better than the T6 or Q5.

In order to not bring in confuse, I have removed this words “2K lumens”, you could just know it is already in bright, if you are very serious about lumens and have knowlege to calculate lumen, then i would like to ship you a free sample gifts, and you can test, and let me know the result.

Hi, Boaz.

I’m apologize that I might ignoring you, i was not often come back
BLF forum to read message. if you do not receive my PM back.

You can directly request customer service at the Exduct store.

I know I’m not doing well enough.
But I always want to improve better and better.

Thank you to let me know deficiency.

Best regards,

Jacky Hu

Hello, Raccoon city:

It’s nice to see you here. :slight_smile:
You’d better to come back to see our updated things.

We have already been free shipping world wide for many years.
except you want to choose shipment method via Fast Express.

8-9 years ago, there are not many online stores from China. We began the shopping experience with automatic calculation of goods and shipping fee. At that time we thought we were smart enough because no one could automatically and smartly calculate shipping costs according to different countries based on diffferent weight.

However, the bad news is that the international shiping cost has a high rate of consumer sales, almost 30% sales paid for shiping company, many customers think that the purchase of goods requires shipping for one arm or one leg

Not in perfect ! isn’t it ?
So, web technically is great, our system automatically calculates freight costs smart enough.
But this is for the customer experience. Not good idea !

As a result, other Chinese competitor find the pain, and began to adopt lazy methods:
Which is: include all the freight costs to the product, hide the shipping cost,
only show you total sales price. then you really think you will save shipping enough ?

Before you pay an arm or leg fee, you at least know what cost of shipping fee.
But now, you don’t know it at all, everyone will hide in shipping price. and tell you free shipping worldwide.
it is become so popular today. and customer will like this way.

So, friend, you will be also Free Shipping at Exduct too.
But pls do not tell others, we are hide in shipping fee :stuck_out_tongue:
This is the secret of shops, Especially all Chinese vendors.

Good Luck !

Jacky Hu

Okay, my mistake...

You are welcome, raccoon city :slight_smile:

We are always on the improve way,
I have already make warehouse in USA,Piscataway City,NJ
and also work with Amazon, FBA.

So that i can provide fast free shipping from USA local.
If you tell me what models of products is great for large stock.
then i can prepare goods there.

I would welcome US customers to join our Team.
To be our great dealer and good partners.

Make deeply business cooperation,
and possibly to improve our customer service.

Thank you very much.