Rating: LighTake.com



  • Offers some unique flashlight models
  • Sells ITP, Mrlite, Fenix and other name-brand lights
  • Competitive prices


  • Frequent reports of poor customer service after purchase
  • Poor communication with customers

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It will be a good website like popbuyig.com ,and have a lot of flashlight you can choose from,and we will do our best to offer you a better customer service .

This is a new website ,not bolong to the popbuying.com .then domain of this wwebsite is www.lightake.com ,and this website can received money by paypal ,you can go directly to this websit www.lightake.com .thanks ,if you have any others questions ,please PM me !

Any chance for a 5% coupon for blf members, znmzdx? :)

I'm sorry ,now our website didn't have the coupon ,maybe later there will be have some

Nice to see, you offer empty flashlight body for good price. /Solarforce, Sky Ray, TrustFire/

(Sorry for bad english)

EvoX - aloha and welcome to the site

Thanks ,yes ,there are an attractive price for the flashlight fans ,please go and have a look !


Hi there Nautic, hmmm, this is something I've been meaning to ask out users... I personally find new product and bargain tips very useful. That's how I found out about everybody's darling, the $1.47 "BLF DeLight". If Lightake or anybody else comes out with a new budget product, I don't mind them letting us know via a post with product details. For me, it's nice to have znmzdx around here to ask him personally about some of the products he sells. And if somebody asks a question about a light or posts a link to DX or QCG or whatever, and another dealer can beat their price, I'm happy to know about it. But, I understand that some users here might not appreciate seeing posts from dealers offering their products mixed in with other community discussions who have no vested interest. It might be best to ask dealers to please post their new product promotions in the Want to Sell section of the forum? How about if I put up a poll....

Here: http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/389

As for coupons for Lightake.com....


Don't know if the above code is valid or not, but Google can't lie, right? ;)

@znmzdx: Do you think it would make sense if blf users would post product requests for lightake.com?

I for one would like to see these two items on lightake.com:

This flashlight: http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/358

These batteries (they are useful to replace 3*AAA on some flashligts, lots of people want those): http://www.qualitychinagoods.com/ultrafire-rechargeable-protect-batteryb22600-p-1656.html

(I hope I'm not taking this thread too far away.)

Hi Phlowcus,

Thanks for your's advice ,all the product requests are welcome .and we will do our best to find it ,then shipped to you ,but you also need get some time for me .

thanks again for the advice !

Hi everyone ,

New product have been arrived today ,and we will update the website as soon as possible .the famous brand Fenix ,now we begin to sell Fenix Tk45 and Fenix LD15,what do you think of this two falshlight ?

PS: if you have some product requests ,you can sent a Email to me ,it must contain the picture ,or a link from other website ,when I received youe's Emial ,then I will sent a Email to comfire ,all the product requests are welcome ,you also can add me skype ,my skype name is jjj19880922. I was online everyday expect sunday from 9 Am -6PM(Beijing Time ),thanks,Happy day !

Hi everyone ,

welcome to ww.lighatke.cm ,in our website there will have some good flashlight arrived ,and i will update the new prodcut and top seller product everyday ,in this thread ,you can find new information about flashlight in our website . A thread only for new arrival and top seller flashlight and accessoriess in www.lightake.com

welcome to visit it ,thanks!

Now we have open the live chat customer support,if you have any queastion ,you can chat with our customer service mamger!

Coupon on lightake FLASHLIGHT 5% discount

Only used for the flashlight products

What do you plan on doing to compensate your customers that bought the counterfeit solarforce lights? You should probably start by answering your emails from past customers, before trying to attract more.

Hi guys, any comment from Daniel on the fake Solarforce lights? I updated the seller profile with some positive comments (sells Mrlite now) and some negative points (sells fake Solarforce). And you guys who have bought products from Lightake, would you mind giving them a 1 to 5 star rating on the little star rating widget on the first post of this thread? Thanks!

This post ranks rather high on Google searches about Lightake, so your opinion counts here. ;)

Sorry if I sound rude but if you really expect any kind of compensation in this case I think china/hk-shopping might not be your thing.

I really can't rate them until I give them a chance to compensate me for selling me a counterfeit Solarforce. I wrote them a day or two ago, and will give them a little time to correct the problem, before passing judgement.