Rating: Meritline.com



  • Decent selection of some unique very-budget lights
  • Legitimate seller
  • Has a branch in United States
  • Features a good variety of honest user reviews for most products


  • Limited selection overall
  • No live support

I can vouch for Meritline. Have bought hundreds of items from them without any problems. Most of them are usually around $0.25~1.00. They often have coupons that make their items this cheap. Not sure how they could make any profit with items costing $0.25 shipped. Most of the items ship from HK so the wait time is similar to other HK vendors. Some items ship from the USA so people living there like me will get them very fast.

I usually check on slickdeals.net to find coupons and sales from this site. For example: http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2194807

Thanks for the tip midieval10! Can you comment anything on turnaround time from order to shipment out to the postal system? And do you remember specifically which asian postal system they use? Thanks a lot.

Just found some old envelopes from them. Seems like they are based in Singapore and use Singapore Post. I don't think I've bought anything over $5 from them so I don't really keep track of my orders. I just order and I forget about them. Then I'm pleasantly surprised when a yellow envelope shows up in my mailbox

Used the ebay version of meritline (meritline.com does not ship to my country)

Bought 4:


The lights came but they are not cree q3 but upon research they are some obscure OSRAM oster type which does barely around 40 lumens.

I sent my complaint and got a stupid reply as thanks for the info we will change the listing accordingly. Just sent another let's see what they will do.

They may have a good honest description but it is not what you get.

my problem is the lack of description on the website!

i need more info! theres a lot of potentially nice budget lights on there

They offered me a refund of 6USD which i accepted since at that new price the lights are worth it. Not very impressed tho.

Lots of good deals on Meritline. Shipping time is quite reasonable (sometimes shipped from the US, where I live), and my packages have never required a signature - they just end up in my mailbox. They have a little 11-led lantern that occasionally goes for $1.99 shipped and it's a great deal. I probably order something from them once a week, on average. A reputable company, imo.

prices actually seem a little high from what ive looked at

Placed a order with them on Fri eve.



I already have a tracking number for the top one The bottom one I ordered two. My account shows " payment pending" although payment has cleared PayPal & my bank. I suspect they don't have the light in stock

We shall see how this plays out....

Ordered one of the red Sipik Sk68 branded lights, love the color and works great. That is my only order with them but they shipped fast something like 15-18 days if I remember correctly.

Would buy from them again. but like stated earlier they are at times a little vague on there descriptions in my opinion.