Rayus PT11 Flashlight Giveaway on Facebook.

I know that some here don’t like Facebook, that’s cool- but Brent at Tech Tool Supply let me know they’re giving away a few PT11’s. What’s a PT11- I’m glad you asked! I reviewed it a few weeks ago-it’s an awesome light. Made even more awesome when you get it for free. Good luck!


And if you haven’t seen it, here’s my review chock full of bad jokes and plenty of real world use shots of the PT11.


the quality of your video makes me want to delete my youtube account and hide in shame.

Don’t do that! Just win a flashlight.

“beercan grade aluminum” I like this new standard.

what do you have to do to enter? (like/share/tag/sacrifice a newborn calf and two virgins/etc.)

Looks like you just have to “like” and “share” it.