RD tech Winter Sale Begins! RD6024 RD6012P RK6006 good time to make orders

UP to 40% discount promotion!

Hello everyone, this is RD tech:

The Winter Sale begins, here is our promotion page:


Important things you need to know:

Activity Time:2024.1.8-2024.1.12(PT)

There is a direct big discount this time, no extra instant discount.

Here are some popular products on sale, you can have a look if you don’t know how to choose what you need:

If you need a power supply which is easy to use, RD series will be a good choice because they are user friendly and have bigger screen,you can see more details in the product page.

RD6024 assembled set(28% off): 231.19€ 28% OFF|Rd rd6024 montiert Set 60V 24a digitale Steuerung stabilisiert Wechselstrom zu Gleichstrom einstellbare Spannung Labor Strom versorgungs regler 1140W 1440W| | - AliExpress

RD6024(28% off, normal from 98USD): 77.07€ 28% OFF|Rd rd6024 rd6024w 60v 24a usb wifi dc dc einstellbare abwärts spannung bank strom versorgung buck konverter & 1200w 1500w ac dc psu|Multimeter| - AliExpress

RD6012P(28% off, normal from 103USD): 61.65€ 28% OFF|Rd rd6012p rd6012pw USB WiFi 5 stellige DC DC Step Down Strom versorgung einstellbare Buck Konverter 60V 12a Telefon Reparatur & 800W Netzteil|Multimeter| - AliExpress

RD6006P(28% off, normal from 80.5USD): 65.85€ 29% OFF|Rd rd6006p rd6006pw 5 stelliges USB WLAN Gleichstrom Gleichstrom Strom Step Down Bank Strom versorgung Buck Konverter 60V 6a Telefon Reparatur|Multimeter| - AliExpress

RD6006(28% off, normal from 61.5USD) :https:// 63.2€ 28% OFF|Rd rd6006 rd6006w usb wifi dc dc spannungs strom abwärts strom versorgungs modul buck einstellbarer wandler 60v 6a batterie laden|Multimeter| - AliExpress

RD6012(28% off, normal from 70.5USD): 61.65€ 28% OFF|Rd rd6012 rd6012w usb wifi dc dc spannung step down bank netzteil einstellbarer buck konverter 60v 12a & 800w psu|Schaltnetzteil| - AliExpress

RD6018(28% off, normal from 80.5USD): 77.07€ 28% OFF|Rd rd6018 rd6018w 60v 18a usb wifi dc dc einstellbare abwärts spannung bank strom versorgung buck konverter & 1200w ac dc psu|Schaltnetzteil| - AliExpress

If you don’t care about the operation and the screen, you can choose our RK and DPS series(buck mode) and DPH series(buck boost mode).

RK6006(28% off, normal from 36USD: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256805243272337.html

DPS5020(28% off, normal from 44.99USD): 45.3€ 29% OFF|RD DPS5020 Konstante Spannung strom DC DC Step down kommunikation bank DC Netzteil buck Spannung konverter 50V 20A|lcd digital voltmeter|power 20avoltmeter 50v - AliExpress

DPS5015(28% off, normal from 38.94USD): 39.09€ 29% OFF|RD DPS5015 kommunikation Konstante Spannung strom DC Step down Netzteil einstellbar buck converter LCD voltmeter 50V 15A|voltmeter 50v|voltmeter lcdvoltmeter current - AliExpress

DPS5005(28% off, normal from 29.5USD): 24.87€ 39% OFF|RD DPS5005 Kommunikation Konstante DC DC Spannung strom Schritt down Power Supply module buck Spannung converter voltmeter 50V 5A|voltmeter 50v|voltmeter currentvoltmeter module - AliExpress

DPH5005(28% off, normal from 38.94USD): 39.09€ 29% OFF|RD DPH5005 Buck boost converter Konstante Spannung strom Programmierbare digital control Netzteil farbe LCD multimeter 50V 5A|lcd digital voltmeter|voltmeter 50vvoltmeter lcd - AliExpress

If you need a USB tester to test the charging voltage and current of your phone, you can choose our UM series, AT series or TC series(for USB-C port).

TC66C(28% off, normal from 20.7USD): 404 page

UM25C(28% off, normal from 19.72USD): 15.32€ 44% OFF|RD UM25 UM25C für APP USB 2,0 Typ C LCD Voltmeter amperemeter spannung strom meter batterie ladung usb Tester|charging measure|voltmeter ammetervoltage current meter - AliExpress

If you have any needs or questions, you can consult our buyer service, hope you can find what you need in our store.

The TC66 is cheaper than the UM34 I bought by about 7 dollars. It’s more precise too. Great time to buy, I’m excited. Also, thank you for your affordable but accurate measurement tools.

thank you for your support, hope you can get what you like

Hello RD

Do you have any product similar to the 33V OLED Multimeters but able to deal with bidirectional current (required for monitoring battery charge and discharge with the same meter) ?

Has anyone done a DIY project with one of thier adjustable boost and buck voltage converters?

so sorry, we don’t have that

we have DPH5005 buck-boost power supply

Thanks for this post !
Sadly i missed these last promotions… let’s hope there will be another one in a not-too-far-away future :wink:

don’t worry, friend
which products you want to buy ? I can give you some gift

Hi I know very little about this sort of thing - I want a cheap desktop power supply (variable). I saw these usb ones you can just plug into a usb charger like this-

Do you make such a thing? has anyone used such a device? I only want it for doing under 12v.

Either that or I was thinking one of your RD DP30V5A - what do i do with it ?- will it connect to a old (but new) PC power supply?
Thanks for any help in advance!

sorry we do not have such products, and for DP30V5A, it has no cummunication program inside the module, so it cannot be controlled with PC software

I don’t want to control it with a pc, I want to use a PC power supply (not in the pc) which is new and unused to power it - will it work off a pc power supply? (no PC involved - just bare ATX power supply)

so sorry, we don’t have

Ok, lets start again, because I think you misunderstand what I’m asking - if I buy a DP30V5A can I power it using an atx power supply? (not inside a PC - it is stand alone)

hello, just make sure the input of the DP30V5A is 6-40V DC. it is ok, and usually you just need to use 36V DC to make it full output 32V

I’ve bought several RD USB meters before from your store (before Covid-19 pandemic).

I have these USB meters:

- RD USB 3.0 comprehensive tester (reviewed by HKJ),

- AT34

- UM25C

- UM34C

- TC64

  • TC66C

For load testers, I have these:

- RD 15-watt load tester

- LD35

  • HD35

My UM25C’s USB metr’rs male USB plug has broken off now.

I would like to try out the AT35 USB meter… but the shipping fee is too high from the RD AliExpress store, after the pandemic.
It was “free” or low-cost shipping fee before Covid. But now shipping fee is US$30+ listed from the RD AliExpress store, so I have not tried buying from your store lately.

Maybe you can try to use the lower cost shipping options again?
Other AliExpress stores now usually use 4PX (AliExpress/Cainiao), SunYou, YanWen, Singapore Post, Taiwan Post when shipping from China to my country Philippines.

thank you so much for your support
I am so sorry for this
in fact , we have a shop at lazada, you can make order from that shop , if yes, I can put the USB -A port

there are 3 days left for the anniversary sale, if you have some products in your wishlist, you can make the order since the price is lower than normal time

Oh nice.

thank you, if you still have some products to buy, it is a good time to order them :smiley: