Rdubya’s OL contest entry Finished 12 -07-2020

Not the contest , loading pics on here

I’ve been frustrated at various points, every contest I have entered.

Looking forward to see your entry.

Hand or machine made or a mod??

Pictures need to be hosted someplace and then a link used to make them appear here. There’s a help topic on that but I’m still looking for it. It;s easy once you know how

Machine made . Not as hard as using this computer

I right clicked on that image, selected copy image address. Then went to the write post field here on BLF, clicked the insert image icon and pasted what I copied into the first field in the window that opened. I set 77% as relative width

image post help

Here’s boring a shelf for the driver to sit in the

And the pill done with driver in .

Finally !

Yeah , your right . At least I think I got the pictures figured out . Thanks everyone. Hopefully I won’t mess the rest of this thread up !

Hmmm… 2 drivers, 2 switches, 1 triple , 1 charge board, 3 battery sizes…. im intrigued :nerd_face:

Very nice start Rdubya18 :+1: looking forward to it.

Nice start Rdubya18. I like your collet.

The extra parts were shone because until I actually started something, I was and am still undecided. I end up wasting time running different ideas through my head , mostly to prevent the dreaded half way through , “ oh crap that doesn’t work “ event .
The charge board is for if I used the big battery . Right now I’m heading in the small direction.

Thanks, I love that thing . I can remove or turn parts around , and they maintain the same concentric .

I don’t have any tiny taps and I was looking for some way to hold the LEDS on the pill . I found these old copper nails in an antique carpenters chest I inherited.

I cut them down to fit the holes of the MCPCB

Then I marked and drilled the pill . I should have taken the time to use the drill press instead of drilling by hand as just slightly off center of the pill . Not much , but I can see it .

Here’s my first real screw up . Made the lens cap first . Was pretty much happy with it . Then I thought I would put threads on the head end of the body . That was going ok until I realized I was cutting the threads to the same diameter as the pill . I get a number in my head and just bull right along with it .
So I’m going to blame it on old timers disease . My default excuse for when I don’t want to admit I’m old and don’t need to write numbers down , cause I’ll remember that !

Didn’t take me long to arrive at “ oh crap , that doesn’t work “ . My 1 inch stock does not accommodate the thread diameter I need without making the body walls paper thin . So I have ordered some thicker stock that should arrive later this week .
Not to totally have wasted your time , here’s a pic of a trunk full of carpenters tools that were my great uncles which date from the mid to late 1800’s.

That is very cool to have

Bummer. Happens to all of us.

Those old-fashioned carpenters tools look great.

Good luck with your build. May it proceed well from now on. :person_with_crown:

Too bad with the “oops”. Hope your stock comes in soon and you can get back up and going.

And that’s a REALLY cool trunk of tools.