Re-discoverying your lights?

This is not much of a question I suppose other than does this ever happen to you?
Other than my Zebralight headlamps my best single AA light is one that I don’t fully utilize. It’s a Photon Proton Pro that I keep on top of my nightstand and I only use it on low when I want to see what time it is. That’s about it…very underutilized.
It puts a dent in the negative battery terminal due to the solid triangular negative contact in the tail cap.
Therefore I didn’t use it more as I didn’t want to dent my rechargeable batteries and I therefore used it only with lithium primaries.
I decided to go ahead and let it dent one of my Eneloops and moved it from my bedside to my desk where I will pick it up and use it more. I moved my ITP A3 to be its replacement since I recently got a Thrunite TI anyway.
I also have a Surefire 6P that I keep in my nightstand drawer next to a pistol. I consider them a pair. As long as it was only using CR123’s I never used it for anything else so it got no actual use. Now I have one pair of rechargeable RC123’s so I’ll use it a little more as well. It’s my only XM-L so it should be used.
Not long ago I even ordered an incan for the 6P that can work with the rechargeable batteries which the original incan that came with the light couldn’t do. It’s just an option if I want a decently bright incan light for walking aorund outside.
Having more lights than I have uses for is not something I like so it’s fun to move things around sometimes to get more use out of them.
Do you have any good lights laying around that you realize you could be using more?