re-introduction of Surge Drink from Cocoa-Cola(Back in stock limited quantities)11/11/2014

Well, I just saw that Coke has started re-introduction Surge Soda in cans.
Surge Drink from Amazon
I have very fond memories of sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings and downing a few pitchers of it Surge.(I was not old enough to drink at that time)
So i was wondering if anyone else remembers Surge

act fast Surge is back on amazon $14 case
Surge is back limited
there is a technical glitch with the system and stock is not sold out hold tight


I wonder how many tablespoons of sugar is in a 10 ounce serving of Surge cola?

I remember it, dont think I liked it but definitely remember it. Im 23 now so that had to be what 6 years ago or more. Iirc it was a bottle of sugar and was meant to taste kinda like mt dew and sprite mixed?

3.7 tablespoons of sugar in a standard 16oz can of Surge.

for this i am not caring how much or what is in it. It is all about bringing back memories

From that same link -

  • SURGE originally existed in the US 1996-2001 - back now due to popular demand

Surge movement on Facebook had a huge part in bringing this drink back.

Remember jolt. Can’t say I’ve tried Surge

I like monster and the varieties. Red Bull costs too much. There’s a asian drink called M-150 that’s pretty cheap- can buy it in bulk

Bring back Orbitz!

I still have one of these still Orbitz sealed in the basement

I remember Jolt Cola…not surge.

More caffeine than really strong coffee!
They need to bring back Jolt! he says with shaky hands.

Let me know when they reintroduce OK Cola.

I used to drink this stuff when I was a research assistant at Maryland . I was poor and it was always on sale. Coke's Mountain Dew . Good stuff!!

i would work for 10 hours out in the field and then have to drive 2 hours home at night ... Kept me awake!

Wish I had saved one. Preferably red.

coke got sued or at least threatened wity a suit by surge cow milking products company over the name. That’s what my father in law told my back in the day when I noticed his surge belt buckle. He is a dairy farmer.


Only soda that I remember tasted much better from a fountain than a bottle or can.
I think the return is only temporary and only via Amazon.
Interesting coke brought it back, but I won’t be trying it again.

My idea for a new cola drink: Ebola Cola. Slogan: “It’s bloody good”. Only sold by the case… Give your friends a case of Ebola.

Bah…to hell with that!

Some of this in sparkling water, call it “GO JUIZE!”

Worse comes to worse, make your own, serve it in one of those sodastream machines