re-introduction of Surge Drink from Cocoa-Cola(Back in stock limited quantities)11/11/2014

Nice! :evil:

have you actually tried that stuff warhawk?

SurprisedLaughing Yay! Surge is back! This released in my first year of college and I drank a LOT of Surge...

Money MouthYellCry Why is only one available and it's $142.95

Yes, need more Orbitz!

because coke is releasing a small shipments at a time through amazon and they $142 case is from someone that is trying to screw everyone over. They should have a new small shipment up in a day or two.

Yes, and he has done an excellent job of shattering my dreams.

We need more emerald-green sodas. Why is that a portion of the spectrum that remains unhydrated?

I have 4 cases coming, maybe i will send a few cans out for others to review, haha

How about "Urge" soda?


haha, urge soda, that is awesome

"Urge is a citrus flavored soft drink produced by Coca-Cola Norway that was introduced in 1996 in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and France. It is the predecessor of the American soft drink Surge, which was introduced in the USA in 1997."

"While preparations for the US launch [of Surge] were underway, a cry for help came in from the Norweigan Division, who were battling a successful launch of Dew in their market. Because the Surge brand was already registered by another party, the product was launched as "Urge". Local food regulation prevented the bright green colour being used, so it was launched with a pale more natural juice drink look."

-via Wikipedia

Wow they couldn’t have bright green coloring, got to love socialist driven countries.

no…I drink enough coffee

I just keep throwing that up there when people are talking about “caffeine”

Should I? :smiley:

So I got my 4 cases of surge today.

Got your buzz on yet?


Woo hoo! Essential ingredient is now available about a mile away from Ye Olde Bottling Plant. No more need to import. Updating the label with “Made in USA”.

Local TV stations are now falling all over themselves to expand their fear-mongering staffs… and don’t get me started about the talk radio shows.

You better get you plastic bubble clean suit

Ebola cola… More like chup mis chola!

I dunno in texas I can see it getting out of control :bigsmile:

Yup, they say the first time he came to the hospital the nurse recorded that he just came from the heart of Ebolaland… but she failed to tell anybody (or they weren’t listening). Estimates are he had a chance to infect around 100 people before he next went to the hospital.

Found a place in Germany selling Ebola Cola… 30 euros/bottle, 360 euros/case. Way to rich for my blood… but it is 30% virus.

That will be the mascot, people on the beach popping open cans of sofa and stuff, dude in gumby suit just standing there, slogan flashes across screen. “Give your friends a case if Ebola ”

In fact that’s all the mascot ever does, stands there quietly in his gumby suit. :smiley:

He looks too comfortable… Give him a ebola enema cola! Yeah texas I’m not a doctor and they keep saying it’ll be alright… I’ve learned over the years though- whenever some hole gets on tv and says it’s fine, it’s exactly the opposite! :beer: