REACTIVATED and Car charger added! BlitzWolf™ 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger

If members post links and don't say they are aff links that is where the problem lies.

placed my order via aff link for two.
Order 8680xxx

3 White US plug at $19.93 $6.64 each.

Well done
Thanks M4D M4X

Ordered my two with your affl link. Thanks for setting this up.

Ordered my pair, thanks.

Glad you see it that way. 200pcs+ x 7-8% x $6.99 is good commission too.

Yep. Costs me nothing, as long as the seller mentions it, I see no harm.

Also, it takes effort and time to organize the deals and group buys. It deserves a “tip”.

Again, costs the buyer nothing…

If that is what you thought . I am totally cool with it. Enjoy your new purchase!

Thanks M4D M4X, ordered my two BlitzWolf's.

what if HKJ says it’s a dud?

ordered thru aff link.

thank you!

Then I’ll start a GB for torches and pitchforks.
Oh, incidentally, M4D M4X, I might have a woooonderful gift to send you. Could you please post your home and work addresses? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, it’s a good deal, and I’d have loved to have gotten a couple.

Several people have mentioned that they will be waiting for HKJ’s review. I will be as well.

@ the “other commercial sellers“ (and them who pretend to be none :wink: )

its true - i get a share!
but that was never denied by me.

i play by the rules and every time i try to get the lowest price for the members!

let the valued member decide who owns their trust working for them and not suspicious shops :wink:

I bought from the EU model from the affiliate link

thank you all!

It is not, but it is not perfect either (Very few chargers are). I will be using it as my travel charger, it does exactly what I need for that (At home I uses the best 5 port charger I have tested, but it is not a discussion for this thread).

Review is scheduled to be posted on Friday.


thank you for that forecast! :smiley:


Ordered 1 EU :slight_smile:
Thanks martin for arranged this group buy and the “professional team” from banggood