REACTIVATED and Car charger added! BlitzWolf™ 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger

1 ordered, as promised :slight_smile:

In my opinion, aff links are not bad as long as they are properly used. And having the choice to use the afflink or not is the first step.
Sure, if a store wouldn’t use them at all, prices could be lower but they might not be because they might need a bigger advertisement budget.
Posting things with afflink just to get your afflink out is a no-go, but like this, m4d m4x put’s effort in it and tries to get us great deals. He get’s the site a lot of sales, so I see no harm in getting a small reward. I rather pay 7$ and he get’s 50cent, than paying 10$ and he get’s nothing.

Ordered with aff link. Thanks

Ordered 1 EU :slight_smile:
Thanks martin for arranged this group buy and the “professional team” from banggood

I will wait for it and then buy my 2 (may be 3) chargers.

And even when the charger is not the best, the review itself sure is H)

Almost time for the review. I still ordered anyways.

On 15 September, and it is still “ready to process” today is 18 September.
I did order other items which could be a reason, it is a little annoying as my PayPal account paid out the sum.

Waiting time is over and as I wrote before: It is good.

Cheers! Reading it throughly now and THEN ordering :slight_smile: Thnks again HKJ!

Ordered 2

I’m tempted to order more of these, but have way too many USB chargers as it is, though none have the smart signaling.


Just purchased 4 with EU plugs using affiliate links.

thanks for doing this.

By the way, is it possible to arrange a group buy for the car charger?

i think many of us will need/want them

Just ordered from banggood with AFF LINK!. Thanks M4D M4X and HKJ. First order ever from banggood (never trusted them from such a weird name). Hope the order arrives and they got a potential good customer!


Thank you HKJ. :beer: Only way I could ever buy a direct-from-china AC device is after seeing your testing.

I see that blitzwolf have a USB cable coming soon on bang good.

If they're able to deliver 2.4A, I'm ordering the lightning cables. Up until today only the more expensive cables are able to deliver this performance. For micro USB I'm using Nillkin cables (got mine from Banggood a while ago), they're the best performing cables I've tested.

i bought this:
JOYROOM 2.1A Micro USB 100CM Flat Charger Date Cable For Cellphone nonaff :wink:

-> not worth it!

had 1 A when a noname gave 1,6 to a powerbank :frowning: