REACTIVATED and Car charger added! BlitzWolf™ 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger

I bought this golden cable, will see what amps I get when I receive it.

My favorite USB cable is Anker 1 ft, it has extra thick power cords. I am using it in my chargers and also for testing where I have cut it in half and added some banana plugs for connection to my test equipment.

I'll take 2 - thanks! Ooops, ordered the 2 using the code - thanks again! Hope no qty restrictions on the deal - I wasn't on the list.

Ordered 3 (shows the power of a HKJ review :D )

Thanks for the cable suggestions. 1 feet is to short for me and the other Anker cable I can order over here is a different type. Will wait for the HKJ review of the Blitzwolf cable, looks promising.

I do not have any plans to review that cable. That can, of course, change if Banggood ask me to test it (Testing a cable would consist of measuring the resistance, verifying that it can transmit usb data fast and cutting it apart to see the wires).

Ah, ok! Then we'll have to ask them to send you a pair ;) I'm sure it will generate enough sales for BG.

i am sure Neal will do so :wink:

If they do I will have to make a procedure for testing cables. In addition to the above it would probably be a good idea to send a few amps through the cable and take a IR photo: A cool cable has low resistance conductors, a warm cable has higher resistance in the conductors (I will have to test to see if the temperature difference is enough to be clearly visible).

I would really like to see a test of the car charger by HKJ. No trusted parties seems to be testing car USB chargers, so it’s something the world really needs.

I did get the the BlitzWolf C1 charger together with the above charger and is working on a review.

I do not yet know if the publishing date is one or two weeks away.

Great news and thanks for all your great work!

Ordered with aff link, since OP is playing nice. :slight_smile:

Now we only need one of those solid gold-platinum oxygen free USB cable… another GB? :bigsmile:

i am open for good suggestions…

i failed always at buying good cables

I got the Amazon Basic cables, they’re the best I have.

If you need good cables, choose the ones from Anker:

I ordered these:

They seem pretty nice.

have you taken measures how many amps are possible?

I have one. Charging XIAOMI 10000mAh powerbank via this 6A 30W 6 Port USB Charger Xtar USB detector shows 1.17A and the short XIAOMI cable - 1.36A

I did, mine did slightly above 2.1A when charging a tablet.

That’s not good news. I think I’ll buy more genuine Samsung usb cables, my original one charges with 2A easy.

You cannot really evaluate a cable that way. The usb meter will affect the current more than the cable and the device you charge may also adjust the current depending on voltage. This means you have:

  • Voltage from USB charger
  • Resistance in usb meter
  • Resistance in cable
  • Charge circuit in device
  • Charge condition of device

You need control of all of these (Except the one you are testing), to compare results. That is the reason I uses lap power supply and electronic loads, that way I remove most of the variables and can get fairly comparable results.