Real or clone?

I've never seen clone SK's (sidekick switch) anywhere else. So might be real?

It sure does look very well made though.

def a clone

u can tell just by the markings

Yeah, I didn't expect it to be the "real thing" given the price, but I do wonder if it's very close. I've never seen a clone with those side mode switches, and the combination of mechanicals and unique electronics is not easy to copy for cheap in small batches. So I thought maybe it sources some of the parts from the same factory.

I also search taobao, which usually has almost all common lights, and it's not there, so now I even doubt if you'll recieve that side switch vs just the copy of the generic mrv.

uh oh, not another light that i want to order :( does it use an MC-E ?

Doesn't say, but I would expect just normal XR-E.

The corollary of Jevons Paradox is in full effect. Instead of buying 1 $100 light, we buy 5-10 ~$20 ones.