Really? Or, "Do we flashlights with digital displays?"

Just saw that JetBeam has a line of flashlights with digital readout. Who thinks this is a good or necessary idea?

Personally, I think it is too complex and, therefore, unnecessary?

I’m not keen on the new Fenix lights with the head switches , and as for displays and these nightcore lights that vary output with angle I just dont get it.

Torches (flashlights) are like any other tool they need to be robust and simple and do the job well. I think the problem is they are trying to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers and the only way is gimmicks for some of them.

Why not put time and effort into high efficiency drivers (like eagletac) good modes or programmable modes.

I’m with you there. With a good UI you don’t need a display. Also: because of the display these have a really fat head. Don’t like it!

I dont mind the idea of a digital readout for battery level, in fact I’ve been buying torches with some way of telling you battery output, usually through counting the number of flashes of the main beam or something to that effect, however these still look like a normal torch, and the added functionality is hidden in the UI, so it doesn’t get in the way. I would probably not be buying the digital display lights as they do look pretty ugly.

Its some advancement for sure, and I really like the idea of knowing what your battery status is. My biggest gripe with most torches is simply not knowing how much juice is left before you take it out on a longer trip, only to be dissapointed, so yes, I do like the idea, but just not these in their current iteration. Certainly good to see this, and im sure there will be more to come.

Unnecessary and fugly.

I’m waiting for a torch that has a little indicator light on a display panel to tell me when I’ve turned the torch on. :wink:

Heck, why not bluetooth and an app like Torque for cars? :bigsmile:

I got my DDC2 the other day. I wanted to be the first kid on the block with one. I like it a lot. When the first pics of it came out I thought it was ugly as sin. I thought that about the EC2 also. In real life the EC2 is a nice looking light. The photos of the DDC2 do not serve it real life justice. It’s a fine looking torch. The stainless faceplate that looks cobbled on in the out of perspective close ups looks sleek and well crafted in real life. It matches beautifully with the silver/grey anodization, which is much lighter than the usual light Jetbeam grey. So far anyone that has seen and handled this light has just said “wow”. Not a soul has called it ugly or odd. Mostly they want to buy it off me. It feels really nice to hold. It is longer than the EC2, but that’s okay. Smaller is great for city EDC, but I prefer longer bodies under more rugged conditions. Traversing uneven ground, getting in and out of boats and picking out buoys in lumpy weather calls for a more sure slim baton type body for a secure grip. It is the exact same size as my PC20. The beam is smoother than the PC20 because of the OP reflector that gives off a beautifully homogenous circle of light. The square shaped head makes the DD20 the most roll proof torch on the market.
The question is, do we need digital displays to indicat battery life? Think about it. This brings a factor of safety to the general public that don’t have awareness of Li Ion batteries. Would you lend someone you Li Ion torch?
This new digital battery display is the first step to bringing this technology in a safer manner to the masses. You could give your father a gift of a really nice light (which most fathers would never have) with a battery and charger and know he would be able to see the state of the power source in an easy to understand format, and know when to maintain it.
I can see future flashlights having complete digital analyzers displaying actual voltage readings and error warnings. Instead of sneering at the future we should embrace it rather than be left behind with the horseless carriage crowd.

I wouldn’t mind a battery life indicator of some kind. Maybe a series of green LEDs that tell you how much battery life you have. Kind of like the bars on a cell phone that show the relative strength of signal.

Here’s a thought; bring some spare batteries, or a back up light. Like others have mentioned, it’s not practical, and too complex. Focus on better drivers, better modes, programmable mode options, etc…

I wish jetbeam and nitecore would go back to their roots and improve upon those designs, i.e., IBS, the military series……

I'm w/Ouchy here. Having conducted a lot of runtime testing, I gotta admit that I would appreciate a torch that would let the owner know when the batteries are nearly depleted. For enthusiasts, regardless that we may have memorized runtime charts and the corresponding output levels, during an emergency situation where that might be the least of your concerns, it may be a huge boon feature-wise.

Most torches still issue low-voltage warnings way below thresholds that most batteries can tolerate. Not as big a concern w/primaries but certainly not good for rechargeable cells. Many of the lights I've tested will happily continue to drain the cells dry in spite of low voltage warning blinks.

However, I can't say that the particular implementation on the JB series in OP is the most elegant. Great idea but could've been a little better executed. Regardless, I'm looking forward to other variations of this theme where one can easily tell how much is left in the tank.


…and we used to walk ten miles to school, uphill, both ways in ten feet of snow….

Li-iin bike lights have had this feature, but done imo much better for a long while - the switch boot is luminous, and an led illuminates it, blue for full, green for 75% orange for under 50%, red for time to recharge.

A side switch with illuminated ring could do the same job and still look classy, I just don’t feel the need for a “display” or the bulkiness it brings. It’s just over complicating a simple tool.

With all the addons I would call the next model a transformer.
A flashlight, knife, battery tester, torch, angle finder, stud finder, watch, calculator all with one 18650.

I want distance meter so I know how far target is

I am certain it will be added on the next model. :bigsmile:

Looks like we have many purists here.

Technology is good. I want a light with inductive charging and interfaces w/ phone for arbitrary programming.

You guys may be joking around, but with the advancement of micro technology, all that and more could be a possibility in the near future.

Is it wrong that I like this? But mainly I would just want 3 green led indicators that tell you voltage. Led indicators are nice for things like atvs, it’s annoying to not know what gear you are in when getting to the base of a hill. Then you have to shift all the way down the 1st, then shift to 2nd or 3rd.

What’s the difference between a row of LEDs or the number 5? It’s the same technology and occupies the same space.