Really? Or, "Do we flashlights with digital displays?"

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It’s usually only seen on huge lights, but three tiny leds are very small. Alot smaller than the led screens on the Jetbeams. And then they can be on the tailcap too, taking up less length.

The LED screen on the Jetbeam is very small in real life. You have to have it in your hand and be looking at the real thing to get a proper perspective of it…which is what I am doing right now.

IMO - The LED battery display on my cordless drills is definately a must have feature if you are using a lithion ion battery. As you know the power doesn't gradually drop. It just stops working.

Can you imagine working in the dark with a flashlight and it just stops working because the protection whether on the battery or torch just kicked in without warning?

Hrm, you can tell on my dewalt drill. The drill starts to lose power. Also, the lights that I own produce a warning. I do not buy lights without these warnings.

What would you estimate the area of the screen to be on your specific light?

I guess this explains the avatar.

I’m sorry, Ouchy/everybody. That may have been too much inappropriate/sophomoric humor. Bad cone!, Bad, bad cone!

9mm x 10mm …I think. I still grt confused with metric.

Dude, don't judge people for their hobbies... :P But 9*10 mm is pretty tiny...

Oh, that’s the size of my pinkie fingernail. From the quick glance at the pictures, they looked like they were 1.5x1.5 about. I don’t see what anyone is complaining about then, it’d sure help the average person, so they don’t discharge the batteries super low. Though having the same light, but without the display would be nice too! I would worry about cracking the screen…but theres some plastic i’m sure to help with that. If it was only $5 more than the regular(non screen) version, I’d most likely get it.

I just looked for longer at the lights and WOW, those lights look pretty darn cool.

Thx Cone! Glad to see you made out ok as well!

UIs are about output of information to the user and accepting input from the user.

Output via the screen:

- Mode?!? Really? I can accurately determine which of the 4 modes it has by eye alone.

  • Remaining power…potentially cool but differing chemistries in the AA format always make those less than accurate. Prominently displayed but inaccurate information is marketing not utility. For the 123/18650 models it’s more useful but then we get into the more flashaholic anyway. Liteflux let me know the voltage on my EDC LF3XT without a screen a couple years ago though. It wouldn’t be much to flash a power level instead of the voltage like liteflux did. Admittedly it wouldn’t be there always on the light but I’m not sure that being constantly on provides much utility to me.

Input isn’t affected by the screen. They obviously didn’t put much thought into innovating there. It’s mostly a click through the modes UI except for a double click to strobe. facepalm

They put in tech and largely ignored real innovation. :wink:

Well, that last idiotic attempt at humor went down in flames.

You made me laugh, for whatever reason everyone else ignored it and kept talking about flashlights. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably the best strategy. Sometimes I go too far.

Working on it.

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