Rebate points rewarded/Fastech

hello, I was wondering if anybody knows what this is or how to redeem it: “Rebate points rewarded #_”, its showed up after my last order and cant seem to find any info on their site about it. maybe its cause I just put in 3 orders totalling over $400 in the last month. some sort of reward??….


What are rebate points?

You can exchange for a $10 gift certificate for every 10 rebate points collected.

To use gift certificates, simply enter them during checkout, under payment options. Gift certificates are non-refundable but are otherwise good as cash.

Collecting Points

Rebate points representing 1% of your PayPal payments are automatically award upon each payment.


When PayPal payments are later refunded, rebate points are reduced accordingly.


As PayPal payments can be refunded within 60 days, your rebate points remains “pending” for the first 60 days they are issued. Pending points cannot be transferred or be redeemed for gift certificates.

Rebate points expire annually, on the 10th day of October.


The minimum value for rebate points issued is 0.01. If your purchase is less than $0.50, rebate point rewarded becomes 0 after rounding.

Thank you for the quick and detailed response! much appreciated!

I was wondering this too. Thanks, ohaya!

Reward, you can get a discount code if you have enough of them. You have to wait after an order before being able to use them. Come on, it’s all written on the site in your profile. Read it.


Curious, but not curious enough to search FastTech’s site for the info. :stuck_out_tongue:

im sorry for the stupid question…

The FT rebate system is not so good, it has a yearly minimum, so you have to spend $1000/year in order to qualify. And even then you only get $10.

If not spent, the whole point is cleared the next year, even if you already spent $999.

I’d prefer it if they would just allow us to use it anytime (convert 50cent etc as discount) like Manafont.


It wasn’t a stupid question and there was no call for anyone to be rude to you. If they didn’t want to answer the question all they needed to do was ignore it.

Good luck and it seems you like fast tech as much as many of us do. Although I don’t see much point in their reward system. I can’t imagine many people will use it.