Recent purchase from a Co. called Mt Electronics.??

All I really have to say is “WOW” what a GREAT COMPANY
Edited out the rest of my overly enthusiastic newbie junk, because it finally dawned on me that whatever I have to say here you all already know, so it might be best for me to just read & keep my comments to myself, great Co. though regardless.

i actually read the original post? then was surprised when it was “updated” but, with no “replies”.

eh, dont WORRY about stuff like that. You dont have to edit yourself, feel free to “gush” like a little kid when you are happy about your first cool mod or whatever.

When i finally got off of regular alkalines, and into rechargeables? I realized i had started actually “playing” with my lights. Didnt need them, i was really just swinging my rechargeable flashlight beams around, PLAYING, having fun like a little kid.

I felt silly? then i felt good about it. As a delivery driver? with incan maglites? i had to “watch” playing with my lights, as D-cell alkalines were expensive. I had trained myself to JUST use them as needed to maximize battery life. Now? i can literally “play”, and i dont mind when little kids (even adult little kids, lolO) want to “play” with one of my lights.

we’ve all BEEN there, for all the same “first time”-s you experience…

1) your first LED flashlight
2) your first thrower or zoomie
3) your first CHINA buying experience
4) your first “weird battery” Li-Ion and charger purchase
5) your first p60 swap
6) your first driver/emitter swap
7) your first “scratch built” whatever

i dont think i am alone in saying, seeing OTHER people experience the joy of a “first” milestone? makes us smile. We remember our silly joy when we did it for the first time.

so… noob out, and have fun doing it.

Thank you so much Sedstar, I can’t tell how much your comment means to me, that’s very kind of you in a very big way…
That is it, everything you said and right down the list is spot on, I felt like a total idiot though and forget that there could be thousands of people reading my comment.
It’s not really the first time I’ve posted something and then sat here and thought it the rest the way out and realize that I probably shouldn’t have said all that… and then hurry back and try to get rid of it.
There’s one thing about this forum that really stands out, besides some extremely intelligent people, there are so many people like yourself that are just outright really good and kind people.
I really do like this forum and it would hurt like heck if I were to get the boot, so really do get nervous when I think I’m posting something good or saying something to compliment someone only to realize they probably don’t even care what I have to say and whatever I have to say everyone probably already knows anyhow, and I think “Now” that if I have something to say about someone or their company I probably could have just said it to them directly and not picked up this huge megaphone like I did, and then to almost sound as if I was bragging which wasn’t what I was meaning at all but sure read that way to me.
Anyhow, thank you again Sedstar, you are a real class act and I greatly appreciate your kindness and for really explaining what it is I am doing, I really didn’t even understand myself and it did worry me,
So now I’m going to go and swing my flashlights around and let the cats freak out some more, :blush:

I ordered from mtnelectronics on Thursday…. built my first light today!!! M1 with mtn New version fet guppydrv firmware. with nitchia 219c. I have been waving it around and screwing with modes since it was finished got it all focused in. It throws great.

Ha Ha Ha, way to go, I’m always looking at all the parts they have and planning hopefully to do my first build very soon, it was so great to be able to look at how a pro does his builds since for me it’s much easier to see how something is supposed to be done and done right than trying to read about it and then try it, Thanks JakeDjanitor. I like those M1’s also, there nice looking.

Oh sorry I mean m2! I have m1 host coming from convoy. That is getting an xpl HI in it =) take your time, read my post about my first build I just edited it should be near top recent posts. Some guys gave me really valuable advice,you should read their posts. enough so that when I built my light it works like I ordered from a pro.

Well spoken. So true. I’ll never forget the moment I flashed a driver for the first time.

As it comes to Mtn Electronics: Don’t hold back, they deserve every praise. Founder is RMM, active member of BLF who gives a lot to the community. I bought from his shop twice (from overseas) and it was PERFECT.

I like that host to, actually I think I like them all, thanks for the advise and I’m going to go look for your post right now, that’s really what I need to read for sure, thanks again…!! Ya, as a matter of fact I was looking at the XPL’s myself today, oh what I meant to say is I spent about 4 hours looking at ALL of them, there’s so many and I get so many ideas but I need to go find your post right now to see how it went for you, as good to have someone in the lead a bit, Thanks Again Jake.

No problem. Here is link
I added some pics

I have been buying from Richard (MtnElectronics) for some time now and I have not quit saying good things about him yet. I recommend him to anyone looking for parts or a light, batteries, just whatever , every chance I get, as he is a great guy and has great service to boot.

As has been said up there already, don’t be afraid to sing your praise or make comments as we all can learn something at times , no matter how long (or how short) a time we been here.

Yes I still get all goofy over a new light at times too. :wink:

Richard really enjoys his lights and he along with _of blood of adventure sports have the best costumer service ,they go beyond profit and really try and help their customers I wish we had more vendors line them

Yes thank you and yes just an awesome company,
The part I decided to delete thinking I had just gone a bit over the top was just about how surprised I was to be able to purchase a custom built light from them, having just seen it was available in the past, seen pics of other builds, and read about the skill and overall craftsmanship of Mr McDougal, well it all just made for a really great day, but thinking it couldn’t get any better, after I placed the order and just excited as could be I got a note later that day it had been shipped, so that made my excitement right over the top sort of like waiting for Xmas as a kid, silly I know, couple days later I’m looking at a really unbelievable light IMHO, what a master craftsman and what a store. Just really wanted to say something for other newbie members who might not know of this awesome company and think that the other vendors are the only vendors and miss Mt Electronics all together, but I think I got a little bit carried away originally but thanks to members here it seems straightened out now, what a great bunch you all are, Thanks

Agree with you 100% T18. Richard is a first class person and runs his business in a first class manner.

In the OP, you said:
“Edited out the rest of my overly enthusiastic newbie junk, . . .”

I think most folks here really like reading enthusiastic posts. New to the hobby or not. It in a way, such posts validate our enthusiasm for the hobby and remind us of how we felt when we had our early experiences. So please share here without shame. We understand and appreciate it.

Thank you so much, Yourself and Sedstar and all the many others here who have made such reassuring comments have really done a lot for me,
Honestly this forum I’ve come to see as really a lot more than just the physical flashlight itself,
You are some of the finest people I’d ever hope to meet,
Thank you all, what a great day…!

I haven’t ordered a lot from Mtn Electronics, but I did get his CUXM/CUXP drop in with the Nichia 219B emitter. It was my first Nichia, and it is great! I put it in the original G2 I got last summer along with a 16650 cell. What a great combination. I also got the highly rated flashlight holster he sells to carry the G2, and another for my 6P. I have pretty much leveled off my purchases for a while, but I still wander around the site every now and then and dream a little. You all know what I mean! Richard, keep up the good work, you are appreciated.

T18, you’ll notice that there are a great many of us flashaholics that are big kids at heart, just having fun lighting up the night. After you’ve done this for a while you’ll look at your shelves and wonder just what it was that you were thinking when you got started and then you’ll order yet another light. I have some 135 lights now, virtually all modified in some way, and all sitting with cells in em ready to go. I love being able to grab any one of em, or any 4 of em and heading out to see what’s creeping about in the dark. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the thrill, hide your wallet if you want to keep it semi sane (I think it might be too late for you though, once tasted, forever addicted!) :slight_smile:

In June of 2013 I got caught up in Old Lumens scratch built hand build challenge. I didn’t know I could do this, but got my stubborn hat on and would up with this awesome flashlight made from a live .50 BMG round. Yes, live! I had to pull the bullet, fire the primer, and then go about making the light. Who knew?

And then, more recently, Sept of 2015, with the lathe I acquired through none other than Old Lumens, given to him by this very forum! I made this from scratch. Yes, my very first attempt at operating the lathe I used 3” bar stock and made this light!

What I’m telling you is, this forum and the people in it will push you to do things you never would have dreamed possible! They’ll guide you, teach you, help in many many ways, and you’ll become more addicted than ever. Like me. I’m not a machinist. Not an engineer…electrical or otherwise. I’m a yard hand, grew up in a lumberyard and then did some carpentry and cabinetry. Turned photographer over the years. In other words, I’m nobody special. This forum is inspirational. The members here will make you special. As you’re already finding out.

All I can say is buckle up and enjoy the ride! And feel good that there’s hundreds of us, if not thousands, with that same schoolgirl giggle going on when we fire up a new creation! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

to be honest? i originally thought this whole flashaholic thing was… kind of silly, to be honest. I ran across this or the other flashlight site? Guys were talking “crazy” into flashlights, code numbers (Li Ion battery sizes? lol) and terminology… it was honestly a littel crazy and silly to me.

I actually posted on my GUN SITE just for a laugh how INTO their flashlights these guys were. A few cops on the site “sort of understood”, but agreed with me it was funny.

i had been a delivery driver, and thought 5 dollar flashlights were fine. THEN i was introduced to MAGLITES, and i was like… well… “whatever ELSE ever happens? I have that flashlight thing covered”, you know? lol… I STILL thought the “flashlight site guys” were crazy. I mean, you get a maglite or two, you put one in every car… maybe one in the house too? Then, your “done”.

several years went by… i got into building my own scratch-built night vision systems… which about half the game-plan was… infrared illuminators. The night vision builders were into focusing flashlights (zoomies…) and so i got into it THAT way. I realized, i had to suck it up, and get onto the “crazy flashlight forum” to get good at building infrared illuminators.

I was on CPF and didnt like it much… just kept my head low and lurked mostly… most of the GOOGLE SEARCHES on “cool builds” were coming up HERE… so… i joined here. Liked it a LOT more.


a couple months into “just being here, only for the purposes of infrared illuminator” building? Aw, i couldnt HELP it, i bought a LED flashlight, just as a joke.

as a delivery driver? I got HOOKED, lol… i ended up with a small metal lathe and a basic milling setup, for my night vision building… but, i caught a serious LED flashlight bug along the way, LMAO.

i honestly didnt think i would enjoy this as much as i do… i still laugh about it…. all my friends think its a little crazy, i just laugh like a maniac and make them nervous, LMAO… any store i go into? i have to check on the “flashlight situation there”, lol… everyone knows where in the store to go looking for me, lol…

Well said by all! I just recently joined BLF, but I’ve been lurking around for a couple years in the shadows.

I purchased a Fenix E25 a couple years back and thought 187 lumens was ludicrously bright and that I’d never “need” anything brighter. Oh my. Seeing some of the amazing creations you guys have come up with inspired me to start building and join the forum.

I bought a P12GT and the components (from Mtn!) To build a Convoy C8. While the P12GT is a great light, it doesn’t see nearly the usage that the C8 gets.

It’s probably only been a month since my first build and I’ve already made lights for friends/relatives (more C8s, an L2, a UF zoomie), customized and flashed firmware, etc.

I guess I’ve jumped full into this craziness and loving it. It’s great to see your enthusiasm Sedstar. And to all of you, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

Thought I’d say thank you again to all of you fine people,
I am honored Dale to have your comments since it was one of your pictures that got me and turned me into the seriously addicted addict that I am now, and Dale you are absolutely right, it is to late for me to hide my wallet, I have thought about just adding up what I’ve spent at Mt. but just can’t seem to bring myself to do it for some reason.
I think I really don’t want to know what I’ve spent since I first saw you picture in a random Google picture search, but I can say that you Sir have become one of my most admired members of the BLF forum, of course there are many others also, but you seem to really peak my interest and I’ve got notes like crazy from different posts you have written.
Plus I’m following you around not only to learn but trying to get the nerve to get in touch about a Ti X6 I have that needs your special attention in the worst of ways, I paid top dollar to a member for it and got burnt, but I have the host and have talked to Rey about it LSX has mentioned he’d give me a hand in fixing it but he’s in Australia and no one has built as many of these Ti X6’s than you have,
I think I have a pic of each, even the heat treated beauty. I think you are the king of the EE X’s, just my observation…
I follow RMM in the background and you might recall last month when I deleted something I posted on RMM’s thread believing I was saving space, well the members let me know I was messing things up, but all the comments had smileys behind them, kind of like tough love, but I guarantee you that even though I am the OP of this thread I thought twice before I did delete part of my comment.
There was actually more of a reason to delete my comment than what I have mentioned, there was the situation on RMM’s thread where as Tom E said, Brett you asked to many questions, that’s why you missed out on Richards custom X6 triple, I saw the post on RMM’s thread that these went up for sale and I didn’t waste a second, I got to Mt. clicked add to cart checked out and then went back and read what I bought.
I knew that anything built by Richard was going to be good, but I also noticed there was only one left when I purchased mine, so I went back to the RMM thread and was following the conversation and Brett was pretty disappointed that he missed out, it was at that point that I very nearly was going to post that I would sell mine to him because I felt he really deserved to have it more than myself, he is part of your circle on that thread, but what happened next was absolutely amazing and caused my to delete my joyful comments regarding how happy I was over getting this X6 and blah blah, well you all got together and offered to build Brett a X6, that was just amazing, darn near teared up on this end, the kindness of the people here/there on RMM’s thread was so very apparent just watching from behind what went on over that X6, quit an enlightening experience for me to have witnessed, and then for all you good people to absolutely refuse to allow him to pay you for anything, just write a review, WOW…
You all are downright wonderfully kind people… And I hope I can fit in nicely with this forum so I to can someday be considered a valuable asset to this community,
YES I am bitten by the flashlight bug and bitten hard, but it’s not really just the flashlights, I look up this thread from what was meant to be just a big happy comment about an X6 triple and look what I ended up with, the quality of this forums members is what has bitten me the hardest, I’ve not only seen it just right here but on RMM’s thread over that X6 the members here are what really have bitten me the most and makes being a member just so great in my newbie mind,
Thank you all again… Quit the game changer for me just from this thread and I can’t say thank you enough, and believe me there’s MORE, I’ll spare you… ha ha ha
Remember my name, that T18 offhandedly came to me because of a post by Richard M, when he was asked what tip would he use for soldering if he could only have one, T18-D24, See you all around…!!

Sweet! :slight_smile: Glad to have been some help.

I’ve got a ton of shtuff going on at the moment, but in the next couple of weeks I should have time to do something for you on that Ti X6. Just give me a shout and we’ll work it out.

Brett should probably have his light by this weekend, so it’ll be cool to hear what he has to say. :wink:

Happy modding! :slight_smile: