recomend me a light.....

My mum spends most weekends out on task with a conservation group, they stop out wherever, usually in basic accommodation, I’m thinking a decent torch maybe a good christmas present and a useful addition to her weekends pack. I’m happy to eventually introduce her to li-ion, but ideally, the light would provide some none flashaholic wow factor on typical AA primaries, I’d prefer her to either be able to carry some duracells or use whatever she can pick up.

I like the balder se-1, but if someone can suggest something a bit more lady like I’m all ears, my mum’s the a typical tom boy, so I do think the se-1 would fit the bill, but it’d be nice to get something she was not embarrassed to pull out of a clutch on her various girls night’s out too, ans the balder definitely looks like an out doors type light rather than something sophisticated, on the other hand, if u do introduce her to lithium’s, it’ll take them too and be a real wow light from what I can see.

So what are your suggestions? Worry about price later, just throw so idea’s in the ring, set a limit at about $50, it’ll give me a good range.

Cheers in advance, graham.

Well , Graham , this the light I always recommend for a non-flashaholic . Or if you don't like basic black , this .

The most efficient driver has Zebra SC51, IMO. Small/compact, clip… well, UI maybe a little bit “difficult”. I’d suggest an easier light, Klarus P1A/JetBeam BA10, for example, i.e. switch to turn on/off, loosen/tighten the head to switch between modes. Works with both NiMh and li-ion.

I think the thrunite buy one get one free is a great idea ...Give her one and keep the other .... a t-10 and ti

Caveman from Shiningbeam, about $40, runs on 2 x AA, is pretty indestructible and easy to carry in a pocket or purse.

Can’t go wrong with a good single AA light. A good one will have long runtimes and plenty of light. Depending on budget you can get anything from a $6 Sipik to a $30 Jetbeam Ba10. The Rominsen is a great newbie light. I still have mine and like it. I find that 100 lumins is really more than enough for 99% of the people 99% of the time. The 18650 lights that pump out 1000+ lumins are cool but are overkill for most uses.

Thanks guys, plenty of options there, the trunite option is definitely a good one, if I order a t10 then I’ll have two to choose between, or I will give her both, you can never have too many torches…… J)

I don’t know how to answer that, but thankyou and welcome. :bigsmile:

Xmas is Christmas.

I'd buy her something Xmassy, small and blingy. maybe Titanium or Titanium alloy. is light weight too.

I’ll add my vote for the RC-G2 that jacktheclipper recommended in the first reply. It’s a remarkable light with a quality switch and good contruction. It will be extremely impressive compared to the 9x 5mm LED light she’s been using…

Buy two so you can have one for yourself…

I’m with Boaz all the way on this one! These Thrunites are smoking great lights. A T10 with 3 modes would make a tremendous EDC. I use my Ti all the time. AAA cell lasts a real long time, puts out just the right amount of light for low or high needs around the house and outside, too. The extra mode from the T10 along with the extra capacity of an AA would be a great gift for her… and for you as well.

Well, I ordered mum a t10, comes with the ti, so if I can pick up some eneloops and a charger, that should be a good Christmas present.

With everything else I have coming, I couldn’t justify getting myself one too, but I have a couple of days to dwell on it….


My buddy just bought one and thinks it is great (he only had the led mini mag before this)! He bought the T10 before the buy one get one deal came out and now he is purchasing the t20 with the buy one get one deal. He will have 3 Ti’s, 1 T10, and 1 T20.

should have read all the way down the posts…. lol

it will be a nice light and big improvement on output

She is your mom dude, she should get the best! How about a Jetbeam PA40 with Duraloops and 120/12 volt charger? Nothing says I love you more than a NW XML….except mabey an SST90 when she decides to go li-ion. I think I might be projecting a bit today , of what I want….sorry.

I’m in the UK, I’m not seeing her plugging a 220v - 110v site transformer in just to charge some cells lol.

I think the thrunites will blow her away, don’t fancy lithiums for her, I’m just not thinking she’s that way inclined, I do have a 4 x AAA/18650/26650 light on the way that reports show would make an excellent pack light for her…… Looks like a uf-980l, appears to have some muscle, I just wish the damm postman would hurry up! :bigsmile:

Sorry Gords, I didn’t even think to see where you were. Actually most chargers(and electronics these days) will work just fine from 100v-220v 50 or 60 cycles with the proper plug or adapter plug. All I had to use was a 10 dollar adapter plug to charge batteries with my normal chargers when went to Iceland last year. I would like to hear more about your 4aaa/18650/26650 light when you get it…sounds like fun.

There you go, there’s a few arrived in the UK, US shipping seems much faster tbh for a change.

I was really excited, now with the waiting, I’m getting frustrated. I have ordered a trustfire charger and two imr 26650’s from a fellow blfer torchy the battery boy, along with some more of his protected 2800mah 18650’s, I won’t be suprised if they are with me this week and I really like the stuff he supplies. I’m also waiting on a keygos m10 with cells and charger, so I can probably gift a charger away soon.

No worries on the location thing, UK flashaholics are far less prolific than our US cousins, we just don’t have the need most of the time, for me its more something to play with, I was hoping to have my lights before we go caravaning on Saturday, but if not i’ll have to make do with what I’ve got. :frowning:

You did great, Gords! Nice choice, she’ll love them. I’d love them. :bigsmile:

I’d love them Johnny, but other purchases mean I’ll have to make do with the uf-980 clone, jmo7 clone, uf-h3 and whatever else I’ve forgotten about that’s on the way…… :bigsmile: :wink:

Holiday from Saturday, going trying the new bus out in wales, was hoping to have some new lights to play with but the postal systems seem to have other idea’s :~