Recommend a 1xAA/2xAA light with no parasitic drain for long term car storage

I’m looking to buy a couple lights for my vehicles. My requirements are that the light is built well, has ZERO parasitic drain (preferably a twisty light, as they’re more reliable), runs on either 1xAA or 2xAA, as I’m going to use L91 Lithium primaries.
I prefer a few modes, but it doesn’t have to have a ton of modes or any disco modes. It also doesn’t have to be insanely bright on high either. Anything north of 250 lumens on high works for me, and I would like the low mode to have good runtime in case of a true emergency.


Zebralight SC53Fc

ZL state that the parasitic drain is neglible compared to the self-discharge of the battery. But they also mention that the tailcap can be unscrewed slightly to disconnect the battery so that there’s no parasitic drain.

Jetbeam Jet 1 MK - runs on AA and 14500, twisty.
Lumintop Tool AA - same thing. Tail switch or twisty.
Both are “mechanical”, reliable and quite bright.

Eagtac D25A has a clicky. My older model has three modes including moon, or just one if head is tightened. Blinkies are there, but somewhat hidden. Should there be a need for a beacon to warn others, it’s there. Takes NiMH.

Quite expensive like the Zebra.

For 2xAA options, take a look at this thread: Best budget 2xAA flashlight on Aliexpress

I would suggest both the Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 (1 x AA) and the Lumintop Tool 25 (2 x AA).

You can also check the Jaxman E3 or the Convoy T2 for 1 x AA flashlights.

Maglite 2C ML25. Twisty with a low mode on the 192 lumen version and a ton of throw. Get a couple of eneloop spacers (or make some yourself) to run energizer AA L91 lithiums. About as good as it gets for a light running on AA’s for beam pattern and throw.

It’s not often that you see a Maglite recommended here on BLF…

Had to look it up, advertised 28kcd. Not bad for 2xAA (converted from 2xC).

If you want throw, that’s pretty decent (for a AA light).

Obviously the throw is helped by the fact that it is supposed to be a 2xC sized light, i.e. much larger than you’ll typically find for AA light.

Tons of options that would put it to shame using Li-Ion, but that’s obviously the constraint that we’re working with here.


Forgot to put in my $0.02

If you want throw, and if you are a modder: put a 1.5V AA driver in a Lumintop GT Micro.

The ML25 is fatter than a typical 2AA light but not much if any longer – still fits in a glove box or a console. The chunkier size makes it easier to find and provides a better grip that makes it easier to twist on/off with one hand.

The real edge that the ML25 has is it’s reflector that gives it’s throw for distance and a huge spill beam for up close. Great light.

I don’t really understand this. You just need to unscrew the tail cap a little bit when in storage. There will be no parasitic drain. Plus choose mechanical switch over e-switch. Any AA or 2xAA should be fine.

Thanks man. Both of those look pretty nice.

I should also mention I’m not looking to spend a ton on these either, say $25 tops.

There is one I’d recommend. Sofirn Sp10S. Runs on AA/14500 and will do 310lm on high with Nimh. It IS an e switch, but the parasitic drain is low, 0.14mA as I measured. If that bothers you, unscrew the tail cap 1/8 turn and you’re good. It’s around $18 on Amazon or $14 direct from Sofirn (China). I bought it for the led which is amazing.

SP10S reviewed here: Sofirn SP10S AA/14500 side clicky review

Looks pretty nice. I’m either gonna buy a couple of these or the Lumintop Tool AA. They are pretty much the same price, which one is considered nicer?

Both are great lights. The SP10S being an e-switch will have some parasitic drain - though you could physically lock it out by untwisting the tailcap a hair, eliminating any drain. The Tool will have no parasitic drain - it would probably be my choice for a car.

But tool AA have a lighted switch. In my tool, the battery dies very quickly.

That is true, if the Tool is one of the lighted tailcap versions then it has terrible drain.

The Tools with the lighted caps have as much as 3mA parasitic drain. I think both the Sofirn and Tool are great. I like the Sofirn because of the led alone.

Tool AA black. Going for like 17 US dollars right now, no drain at all if you get the non-lit switch, four good modes. IMO it’s a no-brainer, I love mine to bits.

Thanks bud! I just picked one up. They would only let me use the 10% off coupon on one of them, which was kinda annoying. But it’s a really good deal either way!

I have the Tool 2 with both tail switch and flat magnetic tail cap which i use. That makes it a very compact 14500 twisty, and one of the brightest BTW. Very good light.

I could do without the magnet though.

I’ll have to have the Ti version… but it only comes with the tail switch if i’m right.