Recommend a budget 18650 XML2 light with micro USB charge port

Hello every one,

I want to buy a 18650 light with at least XML2 LED for a friend and i want it to have micro USB charge port

what do you guys think about this one USB Rechargeable Torch

have any one tried it and does it have original XM-L2 ?

if you have a better light in price range please post it ( stores i can buy from is, Gearbest - Fasttech )

Thank you in advance

I bought the Soshine TC15, and it works well;

but also the TC14 I think it works well

Iffy quality, “you get what you pay for”, sometimes not even.

Try a Zanflare F1, currently on a flash sale at GB for 20bux in both CW and WW, else obscenely pricey. WAY better quality, beautiful styling.

Or a Nitefox UT20, 20bux at Amazon. Reviewed it, bought a 2nd, EDCing it for a while, great UI, really nice, no complaints at all (which for me is rare :smiley: ).

Don’t think you could go wrong with either of those.

Whups, didn’t see you were in Egypt. Dunno if Amazon is an option, then. Still, look up the UT20 maybe directly from Nitefox if you’re interested.

Thank you for your recommendation, but i looked at this lights in GB and FT they have fake xml. Have a led called xmk

You mean this ? zanflare F1

It’s a really nice light.

Why XM-L2?

I agree with the others, the Z1 is a nice USB charged light.

A convoy S2+ and a pair of these

Flashlights I've encountered (EDC size, single-18650) with genuine XM-L2 and micro-USB rechargeable port, include:

1) Convoy S9 = XM-L2, micro-USB (1.4A ~ 500+ lumens), several tints available

2) Eagle Eye X2R = XM-L2, micro-USB (1.6-2.1A ~ 550-760 lumens), cool-white & neutral-white available

(seems like the old batch had max 550 lumens while newer batch has now upgraded to 670 or 760 lumens -- differing documentations from different sources)
(the EE X2R looks almost exactly like a Convoy S2+ with the addition of a micro-USB port)

3) On The Road U18 = XM-L2, micro-USB (2.6A ~ 900? lumens), available in cool-white and warm-white tints
(*added note: it seems like for the OTR U18, the cool-white version uses XP-L V6, whereas the warm-white version uses XM-L2 U3-5C)

(bonus note: The EE X2R uses a No PWM driver, the Convoy S9 driver has PWM, the OTR U18 supposedly also has No PWM)

There are other lights with micro-USB charge ports, but these may be a bit longer in size:
4) Sofirn SP30A (XP-L HD, 1000 lumens), this flashlight is longer than other EDC-size
5) ZanFlare F1 (XP-L HD, 1240 lumens) = available in cool-white & neutral-white
6) Wuben L50 (XP-L2, 1200 lumens) = (very) cool-white
7) Fitorch P20R (XP-L HD, 1000 lumens) [the documentation indicates XP-L2, but actual LED is XP-L HD) = cool-white

Of course there are others, but those are what I've checked out (reviews, etc)

The On The Road U18 is XP-L. I like mine a lot , mainly for it’s short length.