Recommend a budget thrower

I’m looking for something with a pencil beam and as little spill as possible.

So far I’ve seen the Manker MC13 with the optional 18650 tube that looks good.

Is there anything else in the same budget that outperforms it in distance?

Thanks for any recommendations.

Convoy C8+ is cheaper and throws farther.

Convoy L21a or b

Convoy or Astrolux c8

Or Sofirn if22a

The range appears to be 531m in the Convoy C8+ and 760m in the Manker MC13

@ezarc, only for the XP-L HI model.

The OSRAM 2mm2 throws a lot further:

Throws 210.6KCD / 917.9 meters. No temp step-down.

Another (one mode and old school): Page Not Found -

Both pocket-carry options.

Thanks for all the recommendations so far.

TS30 with battery.

Sofirn IF22A. Review is in my signature.

Catapult Mini. TIR, so almost no spill, yet a nice tight beam.

The IF22A has a wider beam but just lots more oomf, so throws farther by brute force.

under $30.
2000 Lumens.

Astrolux FT03s with SBT90.2 led or SFN55.2 if you want more lumen ed more flood.
In alternative Mateminco but they are the same flashlights.

I suggest the fireflies e01 over the c8. The c8 is pretty underwhelming imo. But I’ll sell mine for $20 shipped. It has an upgraded board or something too.