recommend a good 14500 nichia 219c EDC

So I have a raylight brass pineapple. I love the tint and size, just not the weight. Plus my switch is a little sensitive.
Any recommendations of a good edc 14500 light with 4000k and high cri?

Eagletac D3A Ti??

I like the look of that D3A. I hear it is a fine light. A friend has one but, I do not. I have a hard time paying that kind of money for a AA/14500 light. If you do end up getting one please post your opinion.

I know Jaxman makes the E3 that is quite nice. Fairly affordable as well.

Maratac makes a good AA light as well. I believe it will run on 14500 as well but isn’t recommended by Maratac. I have a AAA copper version that is very nice.

I have a jaxman e3. Very nice, well made. I regret going with the 5700k 219, though. Looses most of the nichias beauty. If I buy another one it will with the 4000k version for sure. In fact I’m considering doing an emitter swap if it comes apart nicely.

Eagletac D25A markII


Forget the maximun beam. Max, throw etc.
just a nice little torch in hand with Nichia 219B and 14500 cell.

Jetbeam Jet-1 MK Pro. Twisty.
Feels good. reliable. Well made.

My Fav AA Torch. Most of those others are just plain old tube lights.
with nothing going for them. (Baby S2)

Olight do a nice little copper E3T EOS AAA, that runs on 10440

Anyone one know how the Eagletac D25A markII 219c compares to the other ones led being less powerful

Eagletac has perfected the 1xAA light. Their D25A is amazing.