Recommend Decent Li Charger and 18650 Batts?

I’ve been out of the scene for awhile and wondering what good li chargers and 18650 batts are out there and where to get them.

For charger I was thinking XTAR VP1. Checked Fasttech and it says discontinued…

I thought SP2s might be a good alternative, but i kinda wanted the display of the VP1. Suggestions?

For batteries, I saw Protected Samsungs(?) 2600 mAh on BG

I do want protected batteries

Any recommendations are appreciated.


I am happy with this charger: .
Wallbuys is sold out of the batteries I bought.

I just bought the Xtar VP2.

At about the same price as the VP1, it’s a pretty flexible charger. It does LiFePO4, Li-Co and Li-Mn chemistries, covering cells with voltages of 3.2v, 3.6v and 3.8v (4.35v cells.) Charging rates are 250mA, 500mA and 1A and it does USB OUT at 5v/1A. It’ll do 26650s and things down the the 10440 size.

For now, I’m not doing LiFePO4 cells, but I now have some LG 18650 D1/E1 4.35v (3Ah/3.2Ah) cells that are working out well in the charger and in my lights.