Recommend me a 1x18650 for a mod

I recently purchased a parallel triple XPG 20 mm star and narrow optic from Illumination Supply along with three XPG2 LEDS. I also purchased their 3.04 amp 8x7135 driver and 8 extra regulator chips.

My plan is to solder on all 8 extra regular chips and use it to run the triple XPG. Should be about 2 amps per emitter. Power source would be 1x AW IMR 18650.

I’ve got the battery, LEDs and driver… now I just need the body.

What budget flashlight or host kit would you recommend to serve as host for this mod? My requirements:
(1) Must be 1x18650
(2) Must fit 20 mm star (I checked my current inventory of lights and they only fit 16 mm stars)
(3) Must fit a 17 mm driver
(4) Must be aluminum
(5) Tailcap switch is preferred over twisty but not required
(6) I like small EDC flashlights. Light should be as small as possible (preferably smaller than P60 size). Reflector and lens of the host should be approximately 20 mm.
(7) I like small cylindrical flashlights. Preferably the light would not have a flared head and would have a smooth bezel. lots of mass to absorb the heat isn’t necessary as I would only run it in short bursts on max.
(8) Cost is flexible, but preferably not to exceed $50

If you’re limited to 17 mm drivers I doubt you’ll be able to fit 16x7135 chips on one board at best you can stack two 17mm drivers and wire them in parallel. Most people who do these triple mules run direct drive or resistored drive. I would think going resistored drive would be a safer bet than trying to cram so many little chips on a tiny board.

Plus your expectation of fitting a 20mm star in a flashlight with a 20mm head is physically an impossibility. My suggestion would be instead of going triple XP-G2 to go with an XM-L2 it’s equivalent in output to 2 XP-G2 led’s so it’s pretty much as bright as a triple XP-G2 would be and if properly heatsinked can be overdriven and put out equal amounts of light as a triple XP-G2 normally driven.

Take a look at EDC from Intl-Outdoor, Roche F12, UF 2100. You can cram all that in there. Runtime before it gets hot? Lets not talk about that. :)

Thanks! That looks like it ought to do it.

6A in an EDC flashlight?
You plan to use it for? Randomly blinding people by turning it on for 5sec?

Makes no sense to put 6A load into a small light.

JackCY, thats what modes are for. :) People like Firelight2 and me dont always need that much light.. but we want it! :D

You're probably gonna need a heavy duty switch, springs, and wires to actually get all 6 of those amps. The switch compartments on those UF2100 type hosts (EDC 18650, CNQ D4, etc.) tend to be pretty tight and it might be tough finding a switch solution that fits.

Also, the pills on UF2100 type hosts are sized for 16mm LED pcb. They won't accept a 20mm PCB without a lot of grinding.

Also, the lens opening on UF2100 type hosts measure about 18mm. That's going to block some of the light coming out of the 20mm optic.

Something a little bigger, like P60 size, might work better.

I know you said you didn’t want a P60 but this is pretty small and S/F sells a round head.

This is a triple XP-G2 at 5.3A. I could have fit two more 7135s for the full 6.0A but chose not to.

My Roche F12 arrived from CNQ goods.

Not bad. It uses a Nanjg 105c driver and 16 mm star. The reflector and lens came out easily once the bezel was unscrewed. The emitter compartment is 16mm wide at the base, but partway up widens to 20mm. The ledge where it widens is at at the exact height a 20mm star with triple optic should be placed leading me to believe that the designer might have even had this in mind.

Of course, putting a 20mm star in the light like this would have only minimal contact between the star and the body. However, the cavity below the star could be filled with a 16mm wide cylindrical heatsink.

The hardest part of disassembling this light was removing the driver. A VERY tight press-fit ring brass ring keeps it in place. I had to use a large drill bit to smash the stock driver to bits, then use a long-nosed pliers to pull those bits out. Only then could I remove the brass ring and insert a new driver. Currently I have a 3.04 amp Nanjg 105c driver installed running 3x Nichia 219.

The light has a beautiful tint, but is a bit large for EDC. It’s also noticeably dimmer than my modded XML2 lights running at lower drive current. I wonder if I could find a replacement body tube sized for 18350. Or maybe I could try sawing the existing body tube in half and removing a large chunk of it to resize it.