Recommend me a basic on/off edc (no other modes)

I just want a simple on/off high lumen edc light. Don’t need or want any other modes.

If you want a flashlight with 18650 batteries, you can choose a Convoy S2+ flashlight and configure it for a single mode.

If you want a flashlight with AA batteries, you can choose a Manta Ray S1 flashlight :+1:

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what size do you consider EDC ?

Going all the way down to AAA size, there’s the Olight i3E if that’s the size you’re looking for.

Best AAA for you might be the Sofirn C01, if it’s still available.

@MascaratumB …I have 2 ConvoyS2+ coming, I ordered 10days ago from gearbest before I knew about the official alliexpress store. I will order from them next time. I didn’t know they could be programmed, so that’s great. Just need to find the runtimes for each brightness setting now.
Thanks for the Welcome, I am learning ALOT

@Yokiamy…about the size of the Convoy since that’s how this I found this site and the candlepower site.

@longuylander …Thanks

gottawearshades… The Sofirn C01 doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but the Sofirn C01S is. Are these the same light just an updated version?

Hi pioneer!
I don’t know if the Convoys from Gearbest are programmable /configurable. There are ones that have a driver that is called “3/5” (3 modes or 5 modes) and then there are another with Biscotti Firmware. It is this last one that is configurable to have only one mode.
See below how to do it:
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They look very much alike and both are twisties with an AAA battery.

The C01 has a very high cri 5mm led and a potted interior. Delivers about 5 lumen, has 1 mode and is capable of using the battery that you took out of your remote because it was depleted (vampire driver).

The C01S comes with a regular high cri led. Can give you up to 110 lumen, has a regular driver with 3 modes and seems to be available in two versions L-M-H and H-M-L.
The Jetbeam µ is a light in the same category but can deliver (a bit) more punch.

All of these light come in pretty handy when you are looking for something in your car or that has fallen on the floor, as a backup-backup-light, but not for walking the dog.

A lot of Wubens always start on high, and have nomem, so you can treat them as 1-mode donks as I usually do.

Eg, the L50 with built-in charging as a nice convenience.

Also, dunno if it’s still made or discontinued, but the i332 is similar but has a nice Tronny/StarTracky design.

(Got both, quite nice.)

Or just do what I did forever, throw a simple stoopit 1-mode driver in an S2+. (Now that they come with different UIs, you can program it to 1-mode if you want, but back in the Cretaceous that wasn’t an option.)

The S2+ has an optional purchase of an 18350 battery tube to make the S2+ smaller in length for EDC

@MascaratumB … I went ahead and ordered a Convoy s2+ with Biscotti Firmware from Aliexpress. My order on 2-9-2020 from grearbest is taking to long. I placed the order from Aliexpress on 3-6, will see which order arrives first.

@Lightbringer… I also bought this L50 and it will be here today. At least I will have 1 good light for now.

I’m late to the conversation, but perhaps in the future take a look at the Sofirn SD05. It has a very basic UI, with only low, medium. and high (300lm, 900lm. 2550lm).

There are no strobes, SOS, candle, electric lockout, etc modes. I love the magnetic ring to simply rotate between the three light levels. It is a super basic, easy and user friendly torch.

It is compact in size at about 4 3/4” tall, so it can be carried in a pair of jeans pocket. It is classified as a diving light, but I have been using it as my EDC exclusively since I received it four days ago.

The SD05 is fantastic!!!

Yeh, that’s a fun light.

Ironically I tend to always start on low(est) vs high, which is why I generally don’t EDC any Wubens (or any light that always starts on high… or medium).

But for sneaking around outside at night when I do in fact want a light to start on high, yep, a Wuben is quite nice. (That, or something that has an instant shortcut to highest.)

Definitely will keep this 1 in mind.

Will see how long it takes to get my S2+ from Aliexpress first. Have to watch it here, I have 2 Convoy S2+ coming from Gearbest , 1 from Aliexpress and the Wuben I just recieved from Amazon

Just received My L50, says it has memory mode… Will see once it gets charged.

My daily EDC lights are pants pocket carry—and for me, the
18650 lights are too big.

My fav “14500 powerhouse” carry lights ( which are essentially single mode):

Acebeam M10
EagTac D25A clicky
Klarus Mi7

I occasionally carry a Convoy S2 shorty, but the weight differential is
noticeable, and makes the light bounce as I walk……

It has memory mode. That is great, Can the Convoy S2+ be any better? This thing is bright….