Recommend me a car flashlight - criteria inside

That is my EDC and around the house light. Richard at Mtnelectronics is an awesome source and he can build it to do whatever you need it to do.

+1 on both posts. In my car I use a protected cell. You should get that from Richard too.

Where are you in the US? Some people may disagree with me, but I don’t like leaving 18650’s in cars that reach temperature extremes like 130f+ down to –10f. I keep a couple of lights that take AA’s in my car so that I can use lithium primaries just as a backup for an emergency. If I know I’m going to need a light ahead of time, I bring something that uses rechargeable along, but I don’t leave it in my car. Again, I know some people disagree, but it’s something to think about.

A quality light such as Convoy S series tube light is compact & reliable.
Maybe a C8 or large reflector lights if you need a light with more throw for outdoor use (if you have space to store it.)
If you are going to check it/use it periodically— a Li ion cell should work—
but if it is for emergencies- and might be stored for long term—you
might consider something like a
Solarforce L series light with 2x cr123 Lithium primaries
( with ultra long 15 year shelf lives, and no “alka-leak” issues)

Or, I imagine- be like most of us, and have SEVERAL lights in the car :slight_smile:

As mentioned
I also like having an AA light - so that if I need to find extra readily available AA primaries —when natural disasters or other “shit-hits-the-fan” scenarios—I have a better chance of finding AA cell size.

Doesn’t the s2+ handle two cr123s?

In my opinion, it’s nice to have at least a c8 sized light with sos or strobe.
The extra throw from a c8 sized light vs a small tube light like the s2 might come useful or handy when looking for addresses or just seeing stuff a little farther away…maybe an animal, creature, or human.
The strobe or sos may come in handy if broken down and need to get someone’s attention

Yes, I am in coastal California where frost on the ground and 90 Fahrenheit are about as extreme as it gets. In the Midwest, I think I would use lithium primaries too.

No. The manufacturer only lists the option of one 18650. No operating voltage range, so I would recommend against trying 2 x cr123s.

I’m in coastal California but I’ve seen 130F inside my car — get a few miles inland and it happens surprisingly often.
And I’ve also been camping in the mountains not all that far inland and experienced the temperature crash when a winter cold front chases Autumn away
So I +1 what Pilotdog said — lithium Energizer primary AAs for the permanent resident car light.

Fenix E25 LED Flashlight Ultimate Edition 2015 and an affordable AA or AAA headlamp, or……

The Fenix gives you your 1000 lumens on 14500 cells, it also uses AAs, and has strobe and a usable low of 5 lumens for 100 hours.

It should also fit in this Nitecore Headband.

Order a couple of AAA to AA dapters when you order the headband, and you have a great setup for the car.

You can also get a little car charger for the batteries.

I like to keep such items in a camera pouch or small, soft sided cooler, and in the coolest part of the vehicle, preferably the trunk.

I find this hard to beat for carrying in an auto.I really like the magnetic base and side light in case you have to change a tire on a dark night.Just attach it to the fender and the side light light gives you plenty of work light.Great for under the hood also.Amazon sells it but not Prime.

Sipik SK-58 or Ultra OK SK-68 with a lithium primary.

I guess I didn’t list specifics. I keep a big 3D Defiant light with AA to D adapters filled up with Lithium Energizers. And also a 2AA rayovac indestructible light, highly highly recommended for vehicle use. Then I supplement those with other lights, usually my Jacob A60 or UF-1405

I keep basic maglight d cell. The batteries last forever and its solid enough to use as a defensive weapon if needed.

I wonder if anyone has taken his Tesla to Death Valley in the Summer yet.

I have several lights in my van and I live in an area where the temperatures do not reach the extremes.

I placed my Starry Light BLF Edition SA-22 (4x AA) along with an MXDXL AAA stainless steel light in my upper glove compartment. I think my upper glove compartment becomes the hottest part of my van if parked under the sun hence the primary batteries.

I also have a SingFire SF-522 HeadLight (2x 18650) in my right tool box. I’ll need it during during quick inspections and repairs like changing of tires at night.

My modified Black Shadow Terminator (4x 18650) with 4 dedomed XM-Ls is placed in a holster hanging behind the right 2nd row seat. Fog and heavy rain is frequent in my place so I’ll need it on emergencies during inclement weather.

Attached to my car keys is my KD Buckle V6 Max (AAA) and I carry my 4 Sevens Maelstrom X10 (26650) with dedomed XM-L2 in my belt and my Lumintop Tool (AAA) in my right pocket so there are at least 7 flashlights inside my van when I’m driving it. :slight_smile:

2 holsters are also hanged behind the left 2nd row seat and the right 3rd row seat. When my family goes on long trips like a vacation, my modified Sky Ray King (4x 18650) with 3 dedomed XM-L2s is placed behind the left 2nd seat and my modified Olight SR-52 Intimidator (3x 18650) with dedomed XM-L2 is placed behind the right 3rd seat. I also place my modified Solar Storm SP03 (4x 18650) with 3 dedomed XM-L2s lower glove compartment and my modified BTU Shocker (3x 18650) with 3 dedomed XM-L2 inside the left tool/utility box.

11 flashlights in all would ensure that each family member (we’re 5 in all and each are also issued with their EDCs) have access to a powerful flashlight during long trips when the need arises. :bigsmile:

if it is for your car i highly suggest sunwayman c22c.
its has a magnetic tail. dual led. and tungsten steel spike for breaking windows.
can also be used on two cr123a.

tesla’s are liquid cooled but I understand that the nissan leaf is not, and ran into longivity isses in the South West because of the heat killing the cells early.

but it might just be a rumor.

Look this is easy.

As a flashacholic just put your second newest light in the car. (and keep updating it so its always the second newest) :slight_smile: