Recommend me a good 2 x AAA flashlight

Hi all,

I have a fantastic new Rip Off brand multi tool holster that fits both a multi tool and a flashlight (and a slot for a small blade knife in the back).
I currently though only have 1 2 x AAA flashlight for rotation through the holster, and would like to up my count by a couple.

My current light is a Tank- not bad, but I’d like more power and multi modes. Must have a pocket clip.

Any suggests all?

it’s not cheap, but the 47 Preon II is great.

the tank E11 is brand new. i will receive it later this week.

Wow- love the look of that Tank. A serious contenter. (Will get one anyway, looks fantastic)

Agree about the Preon II. I actually had one and lost it- broke my heart. Was an excellent light, still miss it.

i dont agree here hehe. i think that the E10/E11 looks §$%&! on the photos. Too tank-ish, aggressive, tactical, exotic. Nothing for girlz. Polarizing, either you luv it or you hate it. Maybe my RL impression will be better.