Recommend me a Surefire 6P sized light

Hi guys,
can you recommend me a 6P sized light, as I really like that form and size, but one that doesn’t have the heat dissipation issues of a P60.
I’d love as much OTF as possible, without being over the top.

What are your thoughts of the Malkoff MD2? Which drop in should go with it for max. OTF?
Are the Malkoff’s really worth the money? I am sure they are superbly built, but are they a luxury rather than a must have?


Solarforce L2m .

I can’t comment on the Malkoff drop-ins as I have no experience with them, but I second checking out out Their L2 line is “Surefire 6P sized”. If you want something very durable, the L2P has the HAIII finish. Otherwise, an L2 or the new L2N look to be good values though their finishes are not as durable (though my year old L2 is showing only a slight bit of wear for being a work EDC). I am talking about just the flashlight bodies which you can buy for use with any P60 drop-in for them, I am using Manafont’s Ultrafire, XML, 3 mode drop-in that is highly recommended by others here (it is the ~$16, 3 mode drop in if you go to and search under “ultrafire”), but the new Solarforce equivalent drop-in is supposed to be just as good. I am running 18650 batteries in my lights, I am not sure if Solarforce has an XML drop-in for 2 CR123’s or their rechargeable equivalents, as you did not say what kind of battery you were planning on using, I can only make recommendations on what I am using.

Thrunite T30 or Shiningbeam Blaze come to mind.

Shiningbeam Blaze too, but I think they are not for sale anymore.


“Q” recommends a SolarForce L2p or P1d host w/ a Manafont XM-L 3 mode drop-in w/ aluminum or copper wrap for improved heat transfer. If you do a search on BLF for “manafont drop-in” you’ll find the item number to order.

Here’s a link to a thread describing the drop-in. Ultrafire XM-L 3 mode P60 drop in from Manafont

I have several of these drop-ins. Yes the light will get hot on high, which is actually good, that means the heat is being drawn away from the emitter and driver. I use medium mode 90% of the time, low 10, and high 10.

T30 is a great choice, as is the T10. Right now there are some ebay Thrunite deals going on:

T30 + Ti for $59.99, but you can make an offer for lower and see how it comes out. This is one of my favorite lights, on par with my SF L2P performance-wise.

TN10 + Ti for $52.99, but again, you can make an offer.

I offered $39 for the TN10 and won the bid. They even promised to send the blue Ti I asked for. Shipped within 2 days from California, should be here next week.

Well, that question is not easy to answer.

Apparently, they are very well-built, and as far as I know, hand-made on a comparatively small scale. It is not a big company with huge monetary funds. So I think, they are worth their money - in fact, every item is worth what a potential customer is willing to pay for. The costs for one also covers warranty and reputation, and a revenue as well - nobody wants to work for free. Also, they are not being manufactured in China, where terms like quality control, healthcare and retirement funds don’t have quite the same meaning as they do have to us in the Western world. Ancillary wage costs may be lower in the US than they are in the UK or Austria, but in China, they are ridiculously low - one of the reasons why the Chinese can produce and sell at such low prices.

Which brings me to the next issue - would I buy one? Probably not. Whoever is inclined to DIY and has access to a lathe can roll his or her own “Malkoff”. Drivers are readily available through various sources, as are the emitters, TIR lenses and wires, even.

At budgetlighgtforum, nobody has ever badmouthed those fabled Malkoffs, but indeed, there are several good people on this board who have succeeded in making their own ones from scratch - on a budget! - and posted tutorials.

Now, the easy way out would be a Malkoff, but personally, I’d just wrap a generic Manafont or SolarForce dropin and use that for a fraction of the costs. Homemade dropins are even better, when you have the time and skills - tailored to suit your needs.

So, there are as many advantages as there are disadvantages.

me haz no Malkoff, but still finds them quite inspiring!

Balder SE 2 is a nice light in that size range too.

Only slightly larger and much better than any P60 though, is the UltraFire UF 980L

The Thrunite T30 is very nice ergonomic. IMO better than the Blaze, and not so cool/blue tint. Only issue is no real low.

What, .9 lumen isn't low enough for you?

I know what you mean; 30 or 40 lumen would be nice. I'm willing to forgive that shortcoming, however - it is a very nice light.

Yes I agree. My go to light now for larger tasks, and it’s not even neutral. :stuck_out_tongue:

MD2 is better for thermal transfer than some p60 hosts. It’s designed to fit the M61 tightly but it’s a host. It’s not the same as something more integral. It does offer the two stage resistor ring to give you two modes changed at the head.

Luxury vs must have on the Malkoff becomes a question of usage. A solid chunk of metal for the heatsink with fully potted electronics makes it among the most durable P60 drop in you can find for sale. Are you in an environment with potentially huge shocks and and a good chance of death if your primary light fails? If yes, Malkoff gets a strong recommendation. For walking the dog on a suburban sidewalk… maybe more luxury.

The Malkoff MD-2 and its bretheren are truely “bomproof”. The one single drawback is only Malkoff drop-ins will fit correctly, limiting your drop-in choices.