Recommend me a tactical type flashlight

Yeah I want the same and both the same reasons about the L16.

Your link shows either black or gold for $68.57.

But now I’m curious about the gold one you linked from ebay because it’s showing (warm white) for the gold and (cold white) for the black. The description shows “warm yellow beam” but many times the Chinese manufactures refer to Neutral as being “warm yellow” I’m going to have to try and find the CCT on it. Banggood lists 6500K for the black one.

The black CW 6500K is $65.52 shipped right now from Banggood with code 4BLF.

Does it start on Turbo every time? Or does it have mode memory?

(I’m only ticking one of your checkbox…)

From what I’ve researched, these stock flashlights feature forward-clicky (momentary on):

Convoy L6 (+ side switch) [XHP70]
NiteCore P30 (+ side switch) [XP-L Hi]
FiTorch P20R (+ side switch) [XP-L HD]
Sofirn SP31 (+ side switch) [XP-L2]
Convoy L2 [XM-L2 or XP-L Hi versions]
Brinyte B158B [XP-L Hi]

(I can’t be 100% sure, but I think all above models also have mode memory, but may not have a “direct-to-Turbo” function)

Although I do like the (Rifle sling attachment?) tail lanyard ring, how can a “truly” tactical flashlight have only a side switch?

The OP even specified this:

  • “Rear momentary on switch, possibly side switch for mode selection”
  • “Immediate on/off clicky action, no long presses allowed”

Wouldn’t your SPX18 or SPX10 have been a better recommendation? Non XP-L HI and seems to have an extremely tactical tail switch (360 degrees operation). But I couldn’t tell from the operation instructions in the manual download, do they start on high? and have no memory?

Also this is quite rare to see a Mfg. chime in on a thread and recommend / link their own product, that could be viewed as spam. :slight_smile:

Nice list for general reference, but unfortunately not for the OP. :slight_smile:

Convoy L6 (+ side switch) [XHP70]
NiteCore P30 (+ side switch) [XP-L Hi]
FiTorch P20R (+ side switch) [XP-L HD]
Sofirn SP31 (+ side switch) [XP-L2]
Convoy L2 [XM-L2 or XP-L Hi versions]
Brinyte B158B [XP-L Hi]

We can exclude the FiTorch and Sofirn, he’s looking for a larger reflector size, (see post #12)
The Nitecore, Brinyte and both of the Convoy’s have too large a reflector size (see post #21)

He’s looking for medium sized (35mm – 45mm) reflector.

How about Klarus XT11GT

XHP35 HD E4 would put it in the cool white category I think. 35mm reflector. Instant Turbo from the tail switch. Side switch as well. Built in recharging. 2000 lumens. Nice light. Lots of features. Kind of got me wanting one.

Convoy M1?

Great recommendation, although the XT12GT (XHP35 HI thrower version) was suggested earlier (post #2), Dioda replied he had considered the Klarus Xt series but had an issue with PWM (see post #3)

The XT12GT however doesn’t appear to have the “Advanced Tactical Setting” of the XT11GT that disables the side switch and gives only direct Turbo or Strobe at the tail, this is the closest thing to the operation of the Acebeam L series that I’ve seen.

The price of the XT11GT is only slightly less that the Acebeam L16 that Dioda said was over his budget, he’s looking for around $50.00. (post #21)

However… If he’s willing to go only $8 higher there’s a coupon deal on the XT11GT for only $58 (if it’s still valid) and there may be other deals, I didn’t check all the aff-linkers deal pages here. I also see it on ebay as low as $69

But all this only if you’re okay with the high frequency hissing sound on turbo.

Regardless of the hissing it appears to be an excellent tactical light! If Klarus had this in a NW I’d be seriously considering it as well. Might still be worth doing an emitter swap if the bezel can be easily removed. Thanks for posting about it.

KD Litker’s NEW 2600 lumen C8.2 with the newer XHP-50.2 is tough, build very well (thick springs, tight specs) and throws deep with excellent spill compared to most in it’s size (although technically it’s not a deep thrower). I’m not sure what tactical means lately (except more $ to milk out of the “tactical” name whenever it can be used). :expressionless:

I ran it on this pig gun for a while:

- out to 100 yards everything is full color, and out to 200 I could take any shot on a pig in a field (and ID it from a calf or other critter). Unless it was in the thickest of brush (past 100 yards), this little light did the job for any range I’d shoot this rifle. But my wife (then my father-in-law) decided they liked it so I’m ordering another— $30 shipped and usually gets here (US) faster than most Chinese sellers. The memory mode works to stay ON turbo using a pressure switch and it STAYS ON TURBO until you take it down or the battery runs dry (good battery is a must- I use 30Qs, they rock in this light).

Compared to my newly built C8F (with three XP-L2s) this light is VERY close in lumen output with it’s ONE XHP-50.2 led and it actually throws a BIT further (by a hair) than the C8F, but not as wide- the C8F has a NICE WIDE beam with it’s 3 leds. And the shaved XP-L2 (C8F #2 I’m building now) will of course throw longer. Of course, a shaved and polished XHP50.2 would ALSO throw longer if you were inclined (See Lexel’s post on his latest shave and polish trick he’s doing with these LEDs for more). And if you use it on a gun with a pressure switch— Lexel’s tail FET switch is a must have too.

Whatever KD did with the driver it works with that XHP50.2 REALLY well (but it can “whine” a little on turbo- so not good for bow hunters in trees when the drop of a leaf can spook some critters at that close a range). I ran about 50 rounds down this rifle with this light on it— zero problems (but had to get used to the timing on the memory to keep it coming on in Turbo- learning curve but workable with a little practice.)

Tactical? I dunno’ but tough, bright, and very usable to me as a hunter both on and off the gun. Currently right below $30 shipped to the US (and worldwide shipping is free) Here is the model I got: KDLITKER C8.2 Cree XHP50.2 Neutral White 5000K

And IF you want a thrower in the same model (for the same $30 shipped) using the newer XHP35 HI led… here is is: KDLITKER C8.2 Cree XHP35 HI Neutral White 5000K

There are also a few more tint selections— just double check your final light as KD’s listings are easy to get mixed up when looking at them all. Good luck and hope this is helpful.

This could be a very good candidate at an extremely budget price, however it does not have a tactical (momentary) forward tail-switch, it has a reverse clicky.

And I believe it also starts on low. Also not sure it’s output is 1000 lumens, but it may be close.

A modded Convoy was suggested by 1000cri (post #7 above) but I’ll go into a bit more detail:

If the M1 tail switch can be easily swapped out for a forward one, there is some hope for this because I believe it can be requested to have the Biscotti software installed (if it’s ordered from Simon’s Convoy aliexpress shop) so it can be user-programmed to start on high (100) with or without memory, there are 4 settings that start on 100.

There also may be a chance (Convoy - Simon) could install a forward switch if requested but I’m not sure about that. I don’t know if that would be a direct swap or if some customizing would be needed, I believe the forward switches are a bit taller, Although Convoy does use a forward switch in several of their other models.

An excellent tactical light if Biscotti is installed and if a forward switch can be installed. A solid, reliable, compact size, simple design at a budget price and easily moddable, I asking myself now why I don’t already have one of these!

It’s over the OP’s budget but for reference P-Flex pro (also suggested by 1000cri) sells a 1250lm tactical modded M1 w/forward switch and programmable UI for $76.00. It has 22 user selectable mode groups, with 7 that start on 100% with no memory:

Not really tactical, these have reverse clicky, and it has mode memory (so you have to worry about what mode it was in when you used it last). Personally for me (and many others) that excludes it for tactical use, I can’t even remember to set the last mode my non-tactical mode memory lights.

Sounds like a great light otherwise, I’ve long been considering that XHP35 HI version you linked. Or the XHP35 HD.

Since this is a tactical flashlight thread I’ll add my two cents here on the term “Tactical flashlight”

“Tactical” does have a legitimate meaning for a flashlight as the type required by LE, security & military personnel, but of course the term has been widely and thoroughly abused by scores of flashlight “companies” in an attempt to market to mall ninja’s and regular folk who are brain washed into believing the “navy seal flashlight” hype.

For me personally the meaning of “tactical light” is a flashlight that reserved strictly for “bump in the night / critical situation / emergency” use.

In a state of near panic when I grab the light I need to:

  • Immediately locate the switch. (tail switch)
  • Start on a very bright mode level. (regardless of what mode it was in when previously used, so NO memory)
  • Have momentary function (forward switch)

The momentary function of a forward switch is useful for the “flash and dash” technique - “a short burst of light to illuminate your opponent followed by you disappearing back into the darkness, depriving your opponent of a target.” This can include you quickly moving your position at the off cycle.

If the light will be used indoors the “High” starting mode should be a reasonable brightness, probably no more than 1500lm, but possibly a little higher. 3000-4000+ lumens will do nothing but blind yourself, especially if you have white walls. It may be okay if that’s available on an additional turbo mode for use outdoors or to blind an attacker.

These are my personal opinions only. I’m not a professional or expert on the subject, but I know how I need my “tactical” (i.e.“emergency”) flashlight to perform in a critical situation, for example a middle-of-the-night home invasion, robbery attempt or similar SHTF circumstance.

After looking around here at BLF and other places, about ANY light sold to mount on a gun is called a “tactical” light. But I learned that for my rifle, what I needed was a dependable, lightweight light that got far enough out there to do “business” and hold together. And there are many suggested here (that fill many roles under the loose term “tactical” very well), and the OP is getting some good info here as I am. :+1:

I appreciate the clarification Beam0… I own ONE AR BTW. I totally agree with you on the mall ninja “biz” being ridiculous— hell, I still feel uncomfortable owning (and firing) my AR being a 7th gen. ranch kid. Many of us out there raised on Winchester, Remington, and Savage rifles for generations (killing hundreds of coyotes over a lifetime to protect livestock or putting a few deer up for winter) disliked the assault rifle. And FEW in my family would own one of those “tactical weapons” for decades… but the pigs kept coming and we had to realize that they are a varmint— not game— and deal with them head on.

So grudgingly … we finally realized that with the “pig problem” being what it is today in Texas, that ranchers today have had to go with a semi-auto to make an impact; because FEW can cycle a bolt rifle (and shoot accurately) fast enough to hit more than one or two pigs at best in about any circumstance day or night. As the AR platform is tried and tested (obviously) and affordable lately, many of us decided to finally get our ARs in the 6.8 platform (heavier bullet for larger pigs) and start killing them at a rate that made an impact- and it has helped.

And so full circle for us as about everything my ranching family/friends and I have geared up for the last ten years… had the word “tactical” on it. But LITTLE of that gear (under $100) is as well made or ANYWHERE near as powerful as the well modded C8 is… for closer to $30!

So I again applaud this group for sharing your knowledge with me, helping me understand what quality is, and also (more recently) understanding WHY these UIs are what they are. I HATE strobe (like many here) because I DO NOT work on mountains or dangerous places (but I’ve hunted a few ;). And I recently read where one BLF poster told of a rescue made because a light owner had (and used) the strobe feature. Yes, I knew it was for emergencies, but when it hits close to home, and someone you know benefits from strobe… well you may change your opinion from “hate” to “dislike”. :wink:

But many lights mentioned have fast access to turbo and would “work” in the well trained hand for tactical use per Beam0’s definition here. And I have to say that IF all my lights were programmable to ONE or TWO IUs (in my case, one for guns and one for carry) that I’d like the ability to standardize to MY particular use and requirements. (OK, but still… HIDE the strobe REAL good in ANY case though… please!) :expressionless:

I’d just point out that the word “tactical” is a designation with MANY definitions and I’d add that having a tactical (whatever) doesn’t make one “tactical”. Training and time spent with whatever tools one uses, (you a light, me a pistol) is what makes one able to react to a dangerous situation. But having gear specifically tailored to your training is indeed a good thing as Beam0 points out!

In fact, this is why my NEW C8F (custom build) I will be putting on my rifle is replacing the KD C8.2 ON my gun. It’s going to work better in some KEY ways. But I had to build/mod my C8F for direct driving a high drain 18650 (with NO driver) - so maxing out the three led’s draw at close to 16-18 amps! And until Lexel’s tail FET switch- this would not have worked using standard pressure switches with their THIN wires (at this VERY high, low-voltage current). So I WILL soon have a BETTER light (that 99.9% of what is sold for a “tactical” light) on my gun— for about $60. That light will throw (when done de-doming) to past 250 yards, give a nice wide side fill (for close in “red-dot” shots) and work for the fast, TURBO bursts of (on/off) light I need on a hunt (no more than a few seconds of bright light is needed with the way we hunt pigs: FAST, BRIGHT and FURIOUS!) :sunglasses:

And this could ONLY happen because of BLF dudes who helped me get there, BTW :face_with_monocle:

Interesting read about the AR’s and hog hunting, I remember reading something similar here before, I believe it was someone in Florida, same problem with the hogs. Thanks.

Naw, a flashlight isn’t my primary tool for “bump-in-the-night” events, my bedside tactical light sits near to my dear EAA Witness…
which of course is what I grab first. :wink:

I’ve also absorbed a lot about weapon mounted lights here, I’m planning on building a P60 light for my 12ga. H&R 870 clone.
As far as assault rifle’s go, I’m an AK guy. :heart_eyes:

Haha, My XDM 40 sits in my bedside drawer (with my Narsil C8F on that drawer in reach lately), then 1/2 way to the door is my 12g (with buck shot), then behind the back door is my 22 auto WITH my first cheapo eBay C8 (for varmints; I get plenty— I live in the country obviously).

If I ever get another semi-auto it would be the newer AK- THE most reliable gun on earth— improved :wink: But as I HATE shooting more than one or two bullets at a time (I reload EVERY bullet I shoot out of about 7 or so calibers- most are wildcats), I don’t see that happening any time soon. I still have THREE bold guns I’ve been working on this last year: 22-250ai, 260ai and a 270 WSSM (using Canadian made 165g Martix bullets out past 1000 yards) :smiling_imp:

Anyway back on topic: I REALLY like some of the larger lights (and the Brynite zoomie too), but I “run and gun” with shooting sticks and so the lightweight C8F (or one of these newer XHP lights) have been really good news to me. I’m going to mount that next KD 8.2 on my savage 12g as it’s THE perfect light for THAT gun out to 100 yards (with TSS loads) for fast coyotes at night. :stuck_out_tongue: I love these small 44mm headed C8s that can really get bright and get out there (lately) while keeping weight down and are just small enough to be out of the way.

I’ve been really intrigued about these KD C8.2’s with XHP’s

No reviews yet on the the xhp35 models, but they don’t lag too far behind the xhp50’s in output.

I’d like to to see the maximum throw in one with xhp so I’m considering getting the xhp35 HI…

I’d be real neat if they’d come out with a 20700/21700 version too.

Ya, if I wasn’t all custom building with the direct drive C8Fs now, I’d be hanging the XHP35 HI on my gun fer shur.

I have the Sofirn C8 host in the 20.7mm version which comes with an MCPCB fitting the XHP size leds. As soon as Lexel gets his NEW boost driver going, I plan to load either a shaved XHP50.2 or shaved XHP70.2 and drive it up to 7 amps (according to Lexel he’ll get them up there).

My KD 8.2 XHP50.2 is (was) drawing 3 amps and getting out there REALLY well, so if I can get more than twice that current through it (again, with a single 18650), it should ROCK (and THROW after a close shave). :smiling_imp:

You mean the C8S? C8F is a triple, more floody than a single XHP35HI thrower setup like the C8.2.

I have two C8F triples, both an older version (tail switch) and the new one (side switch)


So it sounds like you have the C8S host (20.8mm driver diameter) This one:
Where does it show that it comes with an mcpcb? I didn’t see that.

Personally I wouldn’t need an mcpcb because I don’t reflow the LED’s so I’d use either one of these, since it does fit a 20mm mcpcb:

However since the KD C8.2 already fits a 20mm driver like the Sofirn, I figured I’d get the KD XHP35 HI version then I can just upgrade to the lexel driver sometime down the road, and mainly because I’d prefer to have knurling instead of the un-knurled tube of the Sofirn.

I think lexel’s boost driver for xhp70 is suppose to do 9 amps, but I just read there’s a parts delay until until June. MTN is suppose to be coming out with a 17mm boost driver soon, not sure if it’s one of lexel’s though, with that we can even use a regular 17mm C8 host from Convoy or Sofirn.

I’d like to see how a dedomed xhp50.2 would compare in throw to an xhp35HI.

No, I DO mean the triple C8F, with shaved XP-L2s OR XPL HI LEDs… it will throw enough for this gun and give a nice WIDE field of view. When you run into a group of pigs and make the first shot, they go in every direction and so (especially closer in) you need some of that flood. That is why I didn’t go with the Brynite zoomer. I can’t think about the light when it’s show time— it just needs to be ON, get down there a few hundred yards (good enough) and give some flood so you can see and track pigs running to the sides both close and further out too— and they CAN run FAST!

To get the most out of the C8F, Lexel and I worked out the direct drive idea with his FET tail switch— zero losses on the pressure switch line and the LEDs (three of them) pull right about what a better 18650 can give them. NOT ideal for most applications, but perfect for a hunting rig where I’m using a few minutes of light- just for the kill shots. Use night vision to get on them, then LIGHTS ON… FIRE!

Yes, all my Sofirn hosts came with everything, extra spacers (for everything and some in different sizes), extra seal rings— what a GREAT company! I own SIX C8F kits (two built so far) the C8A, and C8T, five of the SP10A(second rev) and a few others. I see no better value out there for a kit.

I read his post on the delay too- I’ve been waiting for that driver since January- it will come and it should be a game changer for the C8 form factor (as this C8F 3 led light also IS).

Okay thanks for explaining… that totally clears up my confusion, and gave me ideas…

Got me thinking about putting 3x XPL-HI into my C8F V1 (tail switch only version) for a WML.
IIRC it also has a standard size mcpcb that I might be able to find with the emitters already mounted, then add a FET/DD driver.


Yeah I was reading about his tail switch mod, seemed a bit over my head to build one myself from his parts. Great solution though for a long standing drawback of those remote switches.