Recommend me an interesting light with XHP series emitter

Thrunite TC20

Not a big difference but I’m pretty sure coupon price is slightly over $70, I believe it’s $72

Rofis MR70 3500 lumens + 200 lumens side NW light usb charging + power bank+ 5500mAh battery included :+1:

GB18LED code for 12% off

Also maybe have a look at this…


I dont know if haikelite has solve those issues with warranty, so, I’m still in “no recommend mode” with them….

The mt01 is very good, I can use the highest level till the batteries sag :innocent:

Mt01 is outstanding light but if I would choice between tc20 vs mt01 I certainlly take tc20 :smiley:

You guys are awesome for keeping the suggestions going :+1:

To move forward I have for now excluded the L30, not only due its price, but the 200 lumen low mode is somewhat a deal breaker. TC20 is still considered, but I would probably go for a budget option. As I dont know most of these budget brands, it would greatly help me if you could share your experience with these models. Also many of the specs descriptions are far away from complete, there are missing size specs, power levels, runtimes etc, which impacts my decision. So here we go:

1, KDLITKER C8.2 XHP50.2 - I like it, and price is great, just for some reasons the 2 deep circular grooves on the handle tube are in my opinion potential weak points, wouldnt like to get the flashlight snap there in case I drop it
2, Kaidomain KF8 XHP50.2 - also budget friendly, just smaller reflector. Looks beefier to me. Would really like to see some beamshot comparison with above C8.2.
3, Kaidomain K5S XHP50.2 - very similar to above, but runs on 26650 battery for longer runtimes, similar price.
4, ROFIS MR70 - again bit pricier than the KD lights, not really happy about the 2 LED setup, due to potential future issues
5, JAXMAN X1 - not sure about the description, seems the XHP 50.2 version must use long tube with 2x26650? That size is already too big even for cargo pants or jacket.
6, Haikelite MT01 with XHP50.2. - one of the very few soda can designs which I barely find likable. Like the 3x18650 battery setup. Have no info about this brand reliability, or build quality, or runtimes. What was the issue with customer service? This brand looks to me like something homemade on the knee, but I might be wrong.

Feel free to respond inline my list with your experience or keep coming with other models.

I did read some threads which some users had issues with your lights and HaikeLite do not prompted to solve in warranty. I did not seem those threads again……

So, mt01 is good, I cannot tell about others lights in your list, only mt01.

After some hours today I realised which this light have a high parasitc drain, I’ve used few times after changes the batery set and the low voltage protection kicks in…… :person_facepalming:

I still think the tc20 is a better chioce and in almost budget if count the point which the light comes ready to work with batteries and not need the charger :smiley:

Hi Franz, so if I understood you properly, the MT01 has also high parasitic drain? I like its low price and beam profile, but there is nothing special about it. It also seem to have a problem with turning off, when the light is bumped at the tail. This is due to either weak springs or missing spring at the top… so MT01 is currently at the bottom of my interest list.

  • XHP50.5
  • 2600lm High
  • Very low mode
  • Budget priced
  • Compact size/pocketable


(Photo links):



Hi, the K5S from KD is on my list, too bad I can find almost any reviews :person_facepalming:

What about the Manta Ray? I honestly never heard about that brand, but looks interesting. Would like to know the runtimes there, but 26650 is a big plus. Which one would you go for?

There is also the KF8, running on one 18650.

I know of one short review on K5S, not sure if you saw this one? Brief Overview of Kaidomain KDIY K5s

I’ve heard of MantaRay for a while, and they made a mini C8, but I haven’t looked into any reviews on them that I can remember. I’m also wondering if the Manta Ray C8.2 isn’t using the same driver as the K5S, modes look similar.

The low price on these is very attractive, and I believe they’re higher quality than a lot of junk out there priced similar. That’s one reason I posted for you, seems like they would perform similar to the TC20 for less than half the price.
EDIT: Max output rating considerably lower than TC20, my mistake sorry. :person_facepalming:

Which one would I go for? I’m still trying to decide…
I like the SS bezel of the K5S, But I like knurling on the Manta Ray C8.2. So I’d like the ManyaRay tube & tail on the KD5S head!
But I like how the K5S is available in NW and WW, I have to check if MantaRay offers different tints, if not then that one’s out….no cool white for me.


Here’s the Manta Ray with OP reflector (the one I linked earlier was SMO) XHP50-2-Highlight-Tactical-Flashlights-Torch-OP-Reflector


For some reason I like to look of this Manta Ray, I couldn’t find a NW version though they do sell a “Host” only version I may get to build my own:




KD H1-A 3A (20mm):
Very Lo(5) > Lo(35) > Med(65) > Hi(100) Hidden Strobe: Double Click
Memory function : ( > 3 secs)

MantaRay LC-15? 3A (22mm):
Very Low(20mA) > Low (300mA) > Medium (1000mA) > High(3000mA) Hidden Strobe: Double Click
Memory function : ( > 2 secs)


More Manta Ray…

I know you don’t want this but here’s a 2x cell version I found interesting, thought I’d post it:


Also here’s the C8 “Mini” I mentioned, again not relevant but thought I’d post since I mentioned it. I think there may be a review on it but I didn’t look yet.
Jaxman also makes a mini C8.

Yes, you can mechanically turn 1/5 unscrew the head or live without baterries if you dont want to use for a good time.

Also not sure this was suggested:
Turbo output compare with TC20
Although the 650lm lowest mode is kind of ridicules, if that’s what it really is.
Should be good for around house, garden, cabin, if you can do without moonlight.

. (KD store on Aliexpress)

Beam0, you are the real MVP here! It is getting late here, so i check your suggestions tomorrow. Do you think there would be much difference between the SMO and OP version of these lights?

Haha well that’s about all I got for now… All those lights are interesting to me, but I have to admit, my TC20 is the bomb!
I really like the compact size, it just feels good in hand, and IMO is very pocket-able.

And these features:

  • Direct access Turbo (Double click from off or any level)
  • Direct access to a very low moonlight (Long press from off)
  • Turbo and moonlight aren’t in the regular mode set (L-M-H only)
  • Click-on/Click-off UI


For what you’re after OP, smoother beam as you mentioned, the 2nd gen XHP isn’t suppose to show the cross like gen1 so it can use a SMO but I think the OP is preferable with these, I prefer OP for anything I’m not trying to get the best throw from, gives a more even beam with less artifacts.

Whassup, the search goes on! Now that I checked the proposed flashlights, Im leaning more towards XHP70.2 in a one 26650 configuration with reflector not larger than 5 cm (slightly less than 2 inch).

The budget XHP50.2’s seem to be barely above 2000 lumens, so there wont be much difference than my currently owned 1500+ lumen flashlights.

Proposed Jaxman’s were excluded due to their size. Kaidomains K5S and the Manta Ray are still considered, but I find them rather ugly. On the other hand I found the FiTorch P26R which has XHP70.2, 3600 lumens, powerbank function. There is also a coupon which yields massive discount, taking over 50% off the listed price. What do you think about this one?

FiTorch P26R

If the Thrunite TC20 was a bit cheaper, I would go for it probably, due to its interface.

Acebeam l30 (4000lm) is what you need

  • 21700 battery (included) and brings a high quality 18650 spacer
  • unprotected 18650's don't reach the contact points without a magnet and protected cells dont reach turbo
  • Independent rear and side switch operation
  • USB port with 2 amp charging
  • It has the best UI I have used
  • beautiful construction
  • Doesn't have OP reflector but the beam is a good balance between flood and throw and little corona.

Modes (mfgr)

  • 1 lm
  • 200 lm
  • 1000 lm
  • 2000 lm (can sustain 2000 lumens for an hour )
  • 4000 lm