recommend me some 14500 cells

Just like the title states, I am looking for 4 quality 14500. Looking for 4 cells for $20 or less.

Those above should take care of ya. Unless you want protected, in which case I think you would be over 20$ with these below.

Take a look at DLG 14500 from Fasttech or the protected version under keeppower brand from BG. The 800mah version is the one from DLG while 840 is from Sanyo but almost twice expensive. I’m sorry I can’t post link right now because it’s PITA to do that on my phone.

I’ve been pleased with the Kinoko IMR 14500 cells I run.
The go for a fiver apiece at ILLUMN

*Cough* *cough* :)

cough link works now cough

Funny thing is, I really do have a bit of a cough that's appeared a week ago, and won't go away.

Not sure if there are any better deals on 14500's right now, but that's definitely a good one considering it's shipped from the US.

Thank you, funny thing is that he lives a coouple hours away from me I think.

The DLG 14500 cells from Fasttech only fit a couple of my flashlights—none of the ones I bought them for. Slightly disappointing.

The Pink Sanyo 14500 from Fasttech only fit my V11R with the extender out of my whole collection. Very disappointing.

So far these Olight cells from Ilumn are the ones I like the most.

I’ve been testing my two year old TrustFire Flame 14500 cells and a couple of them test with the same capacity as the newer, more expensive cells.

All of my 14500's are a bit older now, and a mix of AW and Keeppower. No issues with fit, with any of the AW's but they do have a bit less capacity.

Four newer keepower don't fit into my zebralights, which is very annoying, luckily I can still use them in my nitecore srt3.

Sanyo 840mah