Recommend S2 Baton Replacement?

Acebeam tk18?

I have put a 7a XML-2 in my olight, not realy hi cri, but I do like it a lot. It will be a challenge to open the light though.

Interesting, I’d never seen the TK18. 15% heavier, but I’d probably barely notice that. Would be great if it had side switch, I forgot to mention that. Makes operating when on a hat easier than a tail switch.

The nichia 219C would be nice.

I edcd the S2 Baton for four years, from Feb 2016 to Feb 1020, and when I finally decided to upgrade to a little bit bigger, I bought lots of single 18650/21700/26650 lights to see which one I would like the most. I finally decided on D4V2 W2.

The D4V2 W2 beat out the EC50, P60 quad XP-L, MK34, MMU-X3 50.2, TM9K, NSX53, FW3 & FW4 W2, MS03, MT07, KR190.2, FT02S, and FW21Pro90.2. It was a tough decision, because I really like all of the others a lot.

My second carry light, 21700, is the EC03. I still love and occasionally rotate carry the others.

Skilhunt M200 with Lh351d HiCRI LED

I always found it funny that such a tiny light was named “baton” :smiley:

On the Road (OTR) lights are Olight clones and very well constructed. I’ve been using the OTR M6 for years as a EDC replacement for my S2 Baton. Look it up—its nearly identical.

Is the d4v2 50% heavier empty? I should try some similar lights on my cap just to see what weight is acceptable.

I will check out OTR. Just higher Cri and the best cell would be awesome, if it saves me a few hours modifying. I like doing some mods but this baton seems like a PITA. I definitely don’t want olights new versions.

Like you, I use my EDC on my cap bill and always have. Nice thing about the OTR is that they have the same style clip as the older Olights. The forward swoop of the clip shifts the center of gravity rearward so the light doesn’t feel like a lead ball hanging off your cap bill.

Mmm, the M200 is a featherweight when empty. About as light as you can get in a good-quality light.

Only the S11C might be lighter, but it’s a zommie.

I actually love the s11c, bought 2 on your recommendation and glad I did.

I even thought about precision filing the front so I could reverse the clip for my dunce cap. Scratched one up instantly seeing if I could force it on for this duty.

Maybe I could buy a dual clip (I think you said you hate them) and I would be done. I don’t know which clip to order. I haven’t used one much. They feel like I will break them.

Seems like the On The Road U18 v4 is exactly my specs except TIR. Maybe I could find a TIR that fits. I like the wide hot spot they give, works great w/ low modes.

Haven’t found a review for the xhp50 or sst-40. I definitely don’t want 6500k, but maybe I’ll get xhp50 and swap in a higher CRI emitter. Looking at tests it seems like the xhp50 4000k is more efficient than sst-40, though maybe not enough to matter.

I would prefer the Skilhunt M200 over the OTR.

That’s a nice light! I like that the charging is magnetic, but no bogus proprietary cell like olight.

and mascaratumb tried a TIR in one!

S2 baton clips fits the S11C body very well. Zoom head rubs on it slightly, but not really any harder to adjust. I’m going to have to open one up and see about the driver. Needs at least one lower mode.

Somehow I think I’ll end up with the U18 and the M200. It never ends!

If you want a similar U/I to your Olight, then the Wurkkos FC11 would be a reasonable option. Samsung LH351D emitter available in multiple color temperatures. Grab a Sofirn 18350 tube to swap out with the FC11s 18650 tube when you want to mount it on your hat. I have one set up in each configuration.

I’ve got an FC11. Would be great - if they’d made the clip reversible.

Legacy. There were larger lights that OLIGHT put out with the Baton name. Then they made these mini versions like the S1, S2, S10, S15… still using Baton. I guess because it’s the same basic design / UI.

I agree, great light. Skilhunt has made some really decent affordable flashlights. I have an H03 and keep meaning to picking up an M200 at some point. The magnetic charging works very well and it’s so nice not having to shove a metal plug into a socket and risk bending/breaking.

You are correct on the clip. I have so many lights with different styles of clips that it is not a consideration for me. I just move the clips between lights. As a matter of fact, I have one from an Olight S2R baton II on one of my FC11s now.

I used the S11C with S2 baton clip while camping all last weekend.

Worked great for me, but low is not low enough.

I’ve searched quite a bit but I’m not finding many details on S11C mods. I guess I’ll have to start by disassembling one to find out the driver diameter. If someone knows a good replacement please let me know. I really just need an additional mode that’s lower, but as long as it has memory a more complex UI would be ok.