Recommendations for an 18350 powered RT angle Headlamp/Flashlight

So I find myself in possession of many 18350 cells and no headlamp/flashlight to go with them. I’ve been looking at the Armytek Tiara C1 but thought I’d toss this out to the brain trust that is BLF.

So any opinions on the Armytek? Reliable? Durable? I’m debating between the C1 and the C1 Pro.

As for other options, here are my list of desired features, in order of priority:

  1. 18350 powered (duh)
  2. L form factor. I do not want a center mounted LED as I might be using this as an EDC light
  3. Weatherproof. I won’ be using this underwater, but it could be used in the rain. Submersibility is nice, but not necessary
  4. Easy mounting/unmounting from headband (if clip can be left on, better yet)
  5. Good deep pocket carry clip - Kind of important, but I guess I could start using a holster
  6. Flood preferable to throw, however something with an option would be nice (ala Skilhunt H03F if it came in 18350)
  7. Rechargeable, magnetically even better
  8. Size - smaller form factor preferred
  9. 18650 option would be nice.

Magnetic base is nice, but I find that attaching a magnet to the clip w/ heat shrink tubing is more useful as it allows more directional options (rotation perpendicular to the mounting point instead of parallel to).

Mahalo in advance!

Armytek’s are great and highly regarded. Definitely would work for what you want.

Also maybe Olight H1R but it uses a RCR123A battery.

Thanks! Already own an Olight H1R. Not only does it use a 16340, unlike the S10R series (I own a II) the battery is proprietary. The battery goes in positive towards the tail and a standard 16340 won’t work because of how they connect the negative pole.

Appreciate the input. :smiley:

If I buy another headlamp, it’ll be an armytek for sure.

Maybe the Sofirn SP40 ?

I don’t have one but the specs look intereting. Comes with a 18350 option.

Eagle Eyes X1R with 18350 tube

Comes without a head band, clip available but i have not tested it (i am not a clip guy).

Reflector can be changed for TIR very easily.

uUSB charge

Long press for Off

I have the Armtek Tiara C1 and it has been impressive. I am currently testing the moonlight mode runtime (advertises 60 days) and it has been going strong for 5 weeks so far. Magnetic base that a charger attaches to…similar to Olight. The headband is great! Instead of threading the light through rubber or silicone loops, the light just snaps in and out with a little pressure.

The beam is floody…which for the purpose I bought it for, is perfect.