Recommendations for tactical / EDC? Welcome the newbie!

Well… I’m not totally a “newbie!” I started buying and reviewing 1st gen LED lights early in the 2000s - like CMG, the original Inovas, etc. BUT I don’t have a huge collection, just a few “goto” lights and now I’m looking for the latest and greatest! Here are my thoughts:

- I like the idea of a 21700 with a “decent” emitter, e.g. SST70, maybe 3,000 lumens…

  • Decent throw + nice spill (like everyone else!)

Purpose: EDC both inside and out, walk the dog, potential security like check the yard, etc.

What I have have looked at online:

1. Fenix E35. What I like: The output, size, simplicity. What I don’t like: The tiny function button. I’d rather see a nice clicky like my E-12, thus no need for a lockout function.
2. Fenix PD-36 Tac. What I like: Output, and like the E35, not too throwy. What I am not sure about: Once again, has to have the lockout. Can we just have a clicky?
3. Fenix TK16. Nice throw, but looks bigger than I need. Good price.

I’ve also checked out Workkos and a few other brands. Nitecore doesn’t have SST-70. I have some Nitecore lights and found them to be good - but no SST70!

You can see I’m looking for a no-nonsense light w/o a lot a gimmics. I want to be able to pick it up, turn it on, and turn my night into day… I’m open to all kind of suggestions and questions. Thanks!

Hi and welcome Zadok! Have fun here :wink:

Not being familiarized with these Fenix flashlights, have you seen the Olight Warrior 3?

I own the original M2R Warrior and 2 Warrior Mini, and those are my “tactical” flashlights.
Maybe it doesn’t match all your specs, but take a look at it! :+1:

Welcome Zadok, Does it have to be a SST70 ? for a general EDC light would you consider looking towards a convoy its very budget friendly as well as the no-nonsense usability of pickup and go and can be picked up for about $20 or less.

I have my desk lights and collection lights but I always have a bunch of convoy’s be it the s2+ that runs on 18650 or variations of the S21 that uses 21700 cells since they are cheap I always carry one and have a few around the house for when I might need a light.

Cool, yeah so I was trying to find the “ideal” light! (crazy). Could be a little larger than typical “EDC” maybe more toward some of the so-called “tactical” lights. And on the 21700, I have some stuff that runs on 18650, so I was just trying to maximize today’s technology. I’ll check out your “convoy.” Do you have a link to the S21? I’ll try to Google…

Okay yes, have looked at some Olight models. I know the Warrior is super popular, from reading reviews, etc. I’ll take another look.

You guys can see my main beef is “accidental activation.” Maybe I’m stupid, but the very first “decent” flashlight I had was an Everready (old school) 6-D cell light, with incandescent of course. But my point it, it had a “slider” switch. Position 1, off, totally off. Position 2: unlock the “red” momentary button. Position 3, fully on. Bam. Simple. The old “twisty” lights of 15 years ago were like that. Maybe I’m too fussy!

I got you! heres a link to a fairly comprehensive review from one of the forum member Lumeniac

Make yourself at home, Zadok!

Wow, interesting! Not 3000 lumens… but dirt cheap. I noticed the guy didn’t like the jump from “low” to “mid.” On the lights I have, I’ve found 350 lumens to be quite adequate for most instances requiring “decent” brightness. This is just IMO.

Where’s a good place to buy batteries? Can you buy those ones with USB-C connection built-in? Aside from buying from the “pricey” vendors??

I like to get cells here:

They do charge shipping, but even with shipping, they usually offer great deals.

Personally I prefer a dedicated charger to build in charging on a cell if I can help it just personal preference. lionwholeseller is a solid place for cells, If I’m in a pinch I would check local vape shops too if their prices are close to that of an online retailer with shipping I would pick them up.

I agree about

They're my second favorite Li-Ion battery store.

Just be aware that olight often use proprietary batteries and proprietary charging system

What about Fenix PD36R PRO? You probably don’t need lockout with mechanical tail switch.

Look at Fenix and Nitecore. Both excellent.