recommendations for the widest floods out there?

The HD15 is a good light. It gets close to 120° but it won’t sustain anywhere near the same lumens as most of the wizard models. The wizard Max is not cheap but it is what you’re looking for.

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It’s one of the weirdest lights I have seen in a while.

I completely agree, you need to be mindful of the person approaching you.

Same like when you are driving your car. Dont you hate it when the person coming at you has their high beams on.

Diluting the light so widely in all the directions will allow you to see the way for 7 meters ahead (unless you mount 2kg beast) . So at the speed 15km/h you’ll be playing with safety hard.
Listen to good advices here. You can still go with reasonable price. Here’s my (ling time flashlight cyclists) advice :

Get regular Convoy S2+, get wide TIR optics and a battery + mount and you’re done.

PS optics 20x60 gives you light on the sides and is not blinding those from opposite direction, ideally to be accompanied by Headlamp or longer distance light.
Narrow optics is good as single light but blinds others.

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Doesn’t seem that hard to imagine scenarios in which a floody bike light would be desirable, ex: night riding through a twisting forested area

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Right. And 20x60 optics is fine for this. At least you shape the available amount of light in a most useful way. Without enlightening your front wheel and branches far above the head.

I never said anything about oncoming traffic and cars because I’m not riding on the road, duh!
Anyway, I tested the diffuser suggestion by covering the lens with freezer tape and initial look was amazing. It was raining so I didn’t get outside but I saw a near perfect wall of light from one of my bike lights. Can’t wait for a test ride.

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Idk, seems like it would be nice to light up the branches in case there’s a critter hanging around, similar for the wheel

Thanks, I’ve seen those lenses but don’t think 60 is wide enough.
I asked for extremely wide - hopefully 180 degree if it exists.
Was hoping someone knew of such a light because there are too many products for me to look through to find especially since it is not common.
I don’t need advice for a bike light or I would have asked that. I have something specific in mind and I’m just trying to find that and only that.

If you’re going to be off-road, you may want to look at a mule. The Fireflies NOV-Mu with the E21A is pretty close to 180 degrees. On-road (of course) demands proper bike lights. I have a B01 for the road and a Emisar D4SV2 for off-road.

Fireflies NOV-Mu v2

1lumen review of Fireflies NOV-MU Old version NOV-MU

Emisar D4SV2

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Yeah, the NOV-MU is probably the widest option. A DM1.12 mule with domed 519A comes fairly close and you get the throw channel as well.

I compared DM1.12 flood configs here: 4 DM1.12 flood channel configurations compared (plus throw channels) : flashlight

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Here’s a beam comparison of my current light with the freezer tape diffuser.
Still haven’t used it but looks great and may be the solution.
But, I’m wondering what other options there are for diffusing and if something else might work better, like d-c fix tape