Recommendations for very bright bike light?

Sometimes I enjoy having a relatively throwy headlamp while biking, too. The ZL H51w is relatively throwy due to its XP-G emitter; newer models use XM-L / XM-L2 so they give a wider beam with relatively lower lux. The throwy headlamp is nice for looking at specific details without using a lot of power or blinding everyone in its spill area. Also handy for signalling to people and letting cars know I’m there. Shine it directly at someone and it’ll be nearly impossible not to notice. Has prevented at least a couple accidents for me.

I’ve also used a cheap aspheric zoomed headlamp. It’s fun, but it gives me tunnel vision. With absolutely zero spill, I find myself looking at stuff far away but ignoring the ground in front of me.

For a handlebar light or tail light though, I want it very very floody. :slight_smile:

That’s the host I use in my zoomies. It’s the widest I’ve come across also. I got mine from FT, they have solid aluminum pills. Don’t have any of them stock though, all have replaced LEDs and drivers: