Recommended BYO USB Power Box

After purchasing HKJ’s recommended box years ago, it’s finally falling apart. I’m wondering what’s recommended these days for these type of products?

I did check some reviews, and looks like the next latest and greatest are the Tomo M2/M4 boxes. It’s a little bit bigger, but does have a nice LED display.
Any other recommendations?

Do you need the battery box to open so you can remove the batteries? Or is a sealed box OK?

I got this last year and it works great for me SHOP - TOMO
I also bought a few of these not BYO but near perfect for me needs BlitzWolf PowerStorm BW-PF1.

I would recommend the XTAR PB2:

Looks like an excellent powerbank with no flaws, unlike the Tomo powerbanks.

After a box that can use my own cells. I know that these boxes, especially when using 4 cells, can take a while to fully charge. So, if I can remove said cells and charge them separately or use spare cells whilst on the go, it’ll be more useful for me.
The Xtar looks interesting. It does come from a brand I know compared to Tomo. Forgot to mention, it’d be preferable to have 2 USB-A ports as well.

box link gives me error 404? I was curious what was recommended

The title of HKJ’s review is “USB battery box 4x18650 Huamen/Evertones ET-406”. I’ve always had difficulty in copying links from his website.

Thanks. First post edited with the TinyURL version.

Also to note is that the electronics are starting to fail. Previously, I’d be able to charge two devices at the same time. However, over time, I now can only use one USB. Using the two USBs simultaneously resulted in the powerbank to not charge either device. I thought it was due to the cells (Panasonic NCR18650A) getting old, but I have tried my other newer cells and the box still cuts out when trying to charge two devices at the same time.

What I’ve seen fail on several of mine are the soldier joints to the plated wires for the battery contacts.