Recommended LED Office Lighting

Can anyone name a few good LED lighting manufacturers that you’ve tried for your home or office with decent success?
I got an ad from newegg’s mailing list that they have a special going on for
Rosewill’s line of LED home lighting, and It sparked my interest in maybe trying it out.
So - I guess i’m just wondering if any of you have replaced your CF or Tungsten bulbs with LEDs, and if so, how do they compare colo-wise and output-wise?
What brand(s) did you try?

My house has over 300 led light bulbs…

I also have some threads describing what I’ve tried in our commercial buildings.

Do you have a grid ceiling in the office?
We recently did an office fit out and used the CR14-40 Cree Troffers, 40W, 4000K
(Note that there is a slightly newer generation of these now available in the USA, that are cheaper with similar specs).

He’s a photo of the result.

Thanks for the quick replies everyone! Greatly appreciated. Afraid we don’t have a crid ceiling office, but that design looks fantastic Dave! I love it.

For office, the traditional lighting is 80% fluorescent tube lights. Now most of company offices will replace fluorescent tube lights with LED tube lights with grid ceiling. Although it might need wiring diversion, it is much more convenient compared with other LED lights replacement.

I would suggest you to check out LED from crompton, havells, wipro and syska. But i prefer using cromptom led light and wipro lighting. I have been using leds from these brands at my work place and home as well.

Whatever you choose, DON’T choose flat-panel LED lights. Sure they look cool, and they are “in” but unless you are buying high end (think Eaton\Cooper Metalux), then the light quality is very poor for an office.

What you don’t want in an office is light that is highly diffuse and spread out, you want something that is downward biased so you don’t get glare on your computer screens. Louvers are not a bad thing, even if some consider them “old-fashioned”.

We just got new (ostensibly) 4500K LED flat-panels. Hideous. They look a lot cooler to me (at least by 1000K), and they’re just flat panels. Hideously bright, omnidirectional, and I feel like I’m getting a sunburn just being in their presence.

Yeah, I’m particularly sensitive to that in my peripheral vision. At my former company, had small “ice-cube trays” that would direct the light 100% downward, and you could step maybe 3’ out from directly below it, and not see the tubes directly when looking at the fixture. Then, here, I got stuck under either the large shallow louvers, or worse, the textured/pebbled flat plexiglass covers. I was getting migraines from the damned things. I gotta wear a baseball cap inside to keep from getting said migraines from the damned things.

These new flat panels are just as bad, maybe worse.